Poland’s heart would rather keep EU money than break with the bloc – .

Poland’s heart would rather keep EU money than break with the bloc – .

Europe’s clash with the largest of the eight former communist countries that joined the bloc in 2004 has been developing for years on media freedom, LGBTQ rights, coal mining and other issues. But the crisis threatened to spill over this month with the court ruling.

“You are marching towards an exit from the European Union,” a German member of the European Parliament told Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a heated debate on Poland last week in a session of the Legislative Assembly in Strasbourg, France. The EU, German liberal Moritz Körner, said, “is not some kind of self-service store. If you do not want to respect European law, you cannot remain a member.

Loyal supporters of the ruling Kobylin-Borzymy party mostly reject talks of Poland’s exit from the EU as a futile threat concocted by foreign and Polish liberals, an opinion enthusiastically promoted last week on television. of state.

At least they hope so.

Leszek Mezynski, retired dairy farmer and deputy head of the regional council, said the conservative district wanted to exclude migrants and liberal ideas like same-sex marriage to avoid “civilizational suicide.” But he is more concerned, he said, of losing the economic benefits that flow from European farm subsidies, funding for new roads and other large sums of money.


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