PM calls on summit to invest ‘trillions’ in UK net zero plans – .

PM calls on summit to invest ‘trillions’ in UK net zero plans – .

Watch live industry leaders testify to MPs on supply chain issues

The private sector must spend ‘trillions’ to tackle the climate emergency, Boris Johnson told business leaders at the World Investment Summit in London – while urging participants to invest in UK efforts to achieve “Net zero” carbon emissions by 2050.

“We have to mobilize the markets,” said Mr Johnson in his opening speech. Appealing to the wealth of the crowd – with figures such as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the PM joked: ‘Because I can deploy billions, with the Chancellor’s approval. [Rishi Sunak] obviously, but you, you in this room, you can deploy billions. “

It comes amid new criticism from the government for its apparent reversal of the boiler upgrade program. International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan this morning sought to justify the government’s decision not to introduce a future ban on gas boilers for now.

However, Green MP Caroline Lucas condemned the “flashback” as “another of Boris Johnson’s great flagship policies which, when you start to look at certain details, just aren’t there”. She added that it was a “bad signal” with only 12 days before the crucial Cop26 conference.

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Critics wonder why PM does not issue pre-Cop net zero declaration26

Our Deputy Political Editor, Rob Merrick, wonders why a deputy minister is making the government’s “crucial” statement on Britain’s “net zero” strategy. “Where is the PM? ” he asks.
Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 11:34 AM

The number of truck drivers in Britain plunges by 53,000 in four years

ONS report highlights problems facing the crisis transport industry, with an aging workforce, a shortage of EU nationals and rising costs and red tape as a result of Brexit among the most important issues.
The figures also showed the impact of the pandemic on the number of European drivers working in the UK, with a drop of 12,000 or 30% since 2017. The number of UK truck drivers has fallen by 15%, or 42,000 , at the same time. time.
Most of the drop has been seen over the past two years, especially during the pandemic, which has taken its toll among European drivers eager to work in the UK.
Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 11:23 AM

Opinion: “The government must act urgently on climate investment”

Shadow Secretary for Business and Energy Ed Miliband writes about the need for the government to “stop delaying” and continue to invest in solving the climate crisis.
This government has been very successful in setting climate targets. but incredibly low on delivery. They’ve perfected the art of climate delay, of committing to action but not yet. This week we are promised that will change, with delivery plans, investment strategies and a plan to transform our homes.
The truth about the climate transition is that if we act we can transform our country – not only by tackling the emergency the way we need to, but by creating a fairer Britain with good jobs at decent wages, by combating energy poverty and providing green spaces and a decent environment. public transport system for all.
Our fundamental test, therefore, is whether what the government is proposing amounts to a lick of green paint on an unjust and unjust Britain, or a truly transformative plan.
Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 11:15 AM

Man arrested for death threats against Labor MP released on bail

A man arrested on suspicion of sending a death threat to Labor MP Chris Bryant has been released on bail.
The 76-year-old Pontycymer man Bridgend was arrested after a report was made by the 59-year-old politician on October 16.
It came shortly after Tory MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death during a constituency operation in Essex.
The Rhondda MP said the level of vitriol was higher than he had known for 20 years in parliament and said his constituency office was targeted by anti-vaccine protesters last year and Brexit.
Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 11:04 AM

Government measures to alleviate supply problems are not working, RHA boss told MPs

An evidence session is underway, where industry executives brief MPs on the ongoing supply chain crisis plaguing the UK.
The Road Haulage Association (RHA) told the Business, Energy and Industry Strategy Committee that the truck driver shortage and resulting disruption “is not visibly improving,” despite government measures to alleviate the problem.
Duncan Buchanan, director of policy at the RHA, told the Commons committee:
“Things are very difficult at the moment.
“There is a widespread shortage of truck drivers, resulting in delays and frustrated trips.
“Among our members, we always receive reports that this has not calmed down at all.
“Things are not visibly improving at this point and I know that a number of measures have been put in place – more training, more testing – but in the field it doesn’t have much to do with it. effect. “
Duncan Buchanan, RHA Policy Director, Appears Before MPs

(Parliamentary television)

Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 10:54 AM

Watch Live: Industry Leaders Speak Out About Supply Chain Problems

Watch live industry leaders testify to MPs on supply chain issues
Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 10:50 AM

Shapps discusses the re-launch of a “fleet” of planes as the PM emphasizes that “green is good”

As Boris Johnson talks about the Green Revolution, here’s what Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps says to the aviation industry.
Mr Shapps said it was “imperative” for the aviation industry to experience a “safe and sustainable” recovery from Covid next year, the AP reports.
Speaking at the Airport Operators Association’s annual conference, he said:
“Global travel is expected to increase dramatically next year, after the worst two years on record. It will bring welcome relief.
“So now is the time to look forward to the restart of tourism and commerce, to put the fleet back in the air, to welcome passengers at busy airports and to ensure a recovery of the safe and sustainable aviation.
“It is more than a hope for 2022. It is an imperative that this government is committed to achieving with you.
Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 10:44 AM

PM and Bill Gates launch £ 400million partnership to boost green investment

Boris Johnson and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates have announced a £ 400million partnership to boost green investments to tackle the climate crisis.
The Prime Minister told the World Investment Summit at the Science Museum in London that the government had committed £ 200million, with the American businessman matching the figure.
In a subsequent statement, Mr Gates said:
“Our partnership with the UK will accelerate the deployment of these critical climate solutions, helping to make them more affordable and accessible.
“In order to achieve net zero emissions, we need to reduce the costs of clean technologies so that they can compete with and replace the high emitting products we use today – I call this price difference the green premium. “
Johnson appears on stage in conversation with Gates at the Global Investment Summit


Sam Hancock19 October 2021 10:30

Johnson: the private sector’s key to tackling the climate crisis

The private sector must spend “trillions” to tackle the climate emergency, Boris Johnson told business leaders – saying the government “cannot do it alone”.
Addressing a world investment summit, the PM touted the unique power of ‘free market capitalism’ to help the UK and the world achieve ‘net zero’ carbon emissions, our editor reports deputy policy. Rob Merrick.
“We have to mobilize the markets, we have to appeal to the private sector,” Mr Johnson said at the London summit, just 12 days before the crucial Cop26 summit.
Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 10:04 AM

Innovation and capitalism are needed to tackle the climate crisis – PM

Here are others from our economic editor, Anna Isaac, who watched the address live:
Boris Johnson told global investors this morning that lessons from the development of the Covid vaccine must now be applied to climate change.
“We have forged a whole new set of armor for our species” with the Covid-19 vaccine, he said, adding that the global economy was growing with new demand and “the confidence induced by the vaccine.”
“Ultimately, it was free market capitalism in the great democracies of the world” that created the vaccines.
Now that same innovation and the same capitalism will be needed to tackle climate change, he told investors. “We have to mobilize the markets”.
I can deploy billions with the Chancellor’s approval, he joked, but you can deploy billions, he told his audience.
“I know there are some who say we are going too fast”, but there is a force out there that is stronger than government and business, “that force is the market, this market is going green” , and people want to go green, he said.
“This Cop26 must be the moment when the government joins forces with the private sector,” he said. We should use this moment, collectively as governments, to “leverage the trillions of the market” to fight climate change, he added.
Sam HancockOctober 19, 2021 9:41 AM


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