Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Next Project Is Murder Mystery For Apple TV Plus – .

Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Next Project Is Murder Mystery For Apple TV Plus – .

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the producers behind Into the Spider-Verse and the writers-directors of The Lego movies, bring their talents to Apple TV Plus. The after party is a new eight-part murder mystery comedy series created and directed by Miller, with Lord and Miller as showrunners and executive producers.

The new series “centers around a mysterious murder at a high school reunion,” says Apple, with each episode featuring “a tale of the same night told through the perspective of a different character, each with their own unique visual style and its own kind of movie to match the cashier’s personality.

The show stars Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson, Ben Schwartz, and Ilana Glazer, among several other comedy stars (and apparently Dave Franco). It’s hard to get a clear idea of ​​plot details from that first trailer (Haddish Murder Investigate?), But the premise and cast certainly show promise. Plus, stories with equally vague premises – Game night begins as a movie about people playing board games before it got wacky – historically have allowed for many shocking twists and humorous setups.

Lord and Miller also have another streaming project going on. In February 2021, HBO Max announced it was reviving the Lord, Miller and Bill Lawrence animated show. Clone high for the streaming service. Apple already has a successful working relationship with Lawrence, co-creator of its Emmy-winning comedy Ted Lasso.

The after party will premiere on Apple TV Plus in January 2022.


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