Pelosi delays infrastructure plan amid stalemate with Democrats – .

Pelosi delays infrastructure plan amid stalemate with Democrats – .

The postponement was a humiliating blow to Mr Biden and Democrats, who had spent days working hard to negotiate a deal between their party’s rival factions and garner the votes needed to pass the infrastructure bill. Mr Biden has staked his reputation as a negotiator on the success of both the public works package and a much more ambitious social policy bill, the fate of which is now uncertain in a Congress shaken by partisan divisions and political parties. internal democratic conflicts.

Given the distance between the Democrats’ left flank and a few centrists on this more important bill, it was not clear when or even if either would have the votes – and if Mr. Biden could be revived.

The House and Senate on Thursday passed legislation to fund the government until Dec. 3, with more than $ 28 billion in disaster assistance and $ 6.3 billion to help relocate refugees from Afghanistan. Mr Biden quickly signed it, avoiding the immediate tax threat of a government shutdown and removing one item from Democrats’ to-do list, at least for two months.

But this small accomplishment was overwhelmed by the acrimony displayed within the president’s party.

The infrastructure measure, which would provide $ 550 billion in new funding, was supposed to re-brand Biden’s bipartisan good faith. It would spend $ 65 billion to expand broadband Internet access; $ 110 billion for roads, bridges and other projects; $ 25 billion for airports; and the largest funding for Amtrak since the inception of passenger rail service in 1971. It would also begin the transition to electric vehicles with new charging stations and grid fortifications that will be required to power these cars.


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