Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health to announce rapid coronavirus surveillance test program in select schools – .

More Ontario parents are building rapid screening programs for asymptomatic coronaviruses themselves – .

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health is expected to make an announcement today on the use of rapid COVID-19 tests in schools, after a month of confusion over their role in preventing widespread infection in children. children.

A source told CTV News Toronto on Monday that Dr. Kieran Moore’s announcement would reveal a plan to use rapid COVID-19 antigen testing on students in areas of the province with higher infection rates.

The announcement comes after groups of parents organized surveillance tests for their schools using the rapid test kits, but CP24 revealed that the Ford government had asked two agencies to stop distributing them to anyone except to businesses.

It also comes four weeks after CP24 reported the province was sending free antigen rapid test kits to private schools, a practice the education minister’s office shut down after being asked to comment on the policy.

Moore said widespread asymptomatic surveillance testing in schools is not recommended because it is not an effective tool.

Public Health Ontario and the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table have both downplayed the effectiveness of rapid asymptomatic student surveillance tests in recent reports.

But neither agency has commented on the continued use of asymptomatic surveillance tests in workplaces, many of which now contain high numbers of fully vaccinated people.

Outside of students attending high school in 13 public health units participating in a pilot program with the Ministry of Education, children in Ontario do not have free options for asymptomatic testing.

Rapid antigen tests for pharmacy students cost $ 40. Full PCR testing is only available for symptomatic children or those identified as high-risk close contact of a confirmed case.

But he said last week the province was working on an asymptomatic screening strategy for children.

Tuesday’s announcement starts at 8:45 a.m.

CP24 will broadcast it live and online.

Moore is also expected to hold his usual weekly briefing on Thursday to update the province on the response to COVID-19.


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