Ontario, Alberta and Quebec No Longer Providing COVID Flight Data – .

Ontario, Alberta and Quebec No Longer Providing COVID Flight Data – .

The move has a big impact on the accuracy of Health Canada’s daily updates on flights carrying infected passengers

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The dramatic post-summer drop in COVID-19-infected flights reported by Health Canada is not due to improved pandemic responses.

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In the wake of a record-breaking August that saw 783 international flights land at Canadian airports carrying passengers infected with COVID-19, a warning on Health Canada’s COVID-19 passenger infection information website warns that Ontario, Alberta and Quebec no longer routinely submit infected people. flight updates.

“As of August 25, Alberta Health Services is only collecting travel / flight information on cases with severe consequences (hospitalization or death) and PHAC is receiving limited notifications from Ontario (as of September 9) and Quebec (since September 10), ”the note said.

Records show that 337 flights with infected passengers landed at Pearson in August, compared to 307 in Montreal and 48 in Calgary.

A spokesperson for Public Health Ontario told the Toronto sun the evolving state of the pandemic prompted Queen’s Park to stop providing regular updates to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

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“As the science on COVID-19 and our knowledge of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has evolved, our response must also evolve to better target where public health work and actions will produce the most harm. ‘benefits and which will have the most impact in supporting the pandemic response,’ reads an emailed response to from the sun ask for information.

“The available evidence suggests that the likelihood of passenger-to-passenger transmission on board an aircraft appears to be very low. “


Avril: 287
May: 130
June: 174
July: 501
August: 783
September: 149
October: 60 (as of September 20, 2021)

Source: Health Canada

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