Old Power Gear slows down the use of clean energy and electric cars – .

Old Power Gear slows down the use of clean energy and electric cars – .

But the money San Jose residents and businesses spend on electricity wouldn’t necessarily triple, or even double, the group says. This is because people could generate electricity from solar panels on the roof and store that energy in home batteries. They could install thermostats and smart devices to use electricity when it costs less, such as at night, said Sam Calisch, research manager at Rewiring America.

Emily Fisher, senior vice president of clean energy at the Edison Electric Institute, a utility industry trade group, gave another example. Mr Biden wants electric cars to account for half of new cars sold in the country by 2030. If all of those cars were plugged in during the day when energy use is high, utilities would have to spend a lot on upgrades. at the level. But if regulators allowed more utilities to offer lower electricity rates at night, people would charge cars when there is a lot of capacity available.

Some businesses are already finding ways to rely less on the grid when demand is high. Electrify America, a subsidiary of Volkswagen that operates an electric vehicle charging network, has installed large batteries at some charging stations to avoid paying the fees that utilities impose on companies that consume too much electricity.

Robert Barrosa, senior director of sales and marketing at Electrify America, said the company could ultimately help utilities by taking power when there is too much and providing it when there is not. quite.


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