no, that’s not it – .

no, that’s not it – .

It’s Monday, folks. And you know what that means. Well, that means several things to a lot of people, but for our purposes it is Monday evening gross. Which means you need to check out Claire’s game.

Let’s talk Brut!

For cheap seats

At the end of the Charlotte Flair x Bianca Belair match, I let out an audible sigh. You are not there, but believe me, it has happened. Would i lie to you? It was the best thing about Brut tonight by 20 country miles and it ended in a DQ when the champion, fearing losing his title, hit the challenger with a chair. I’m sorry, but the ending taints the game, just as a bad ending for any story can taint anything that comes before it. Do not believe me ? Mention Game of Thrones to a seres fan and see what happens.

The point is, WWE wasted a great match between two of the best wrestlers on their list. And for what purpose? Charlotte is the still the Brut Women’s Champion and since this week, she doesn’t even go! Bianca, on the other hand, is a real Brut competitor. Now maybe Vince is planning a chicane at Crown jewel which will solve this equation. But it puts a bitter taste in your mouth for what was already a bitter sight to swallow in the first place.

Ahead of the cheap finish, Bianca x Charlotte continued a story they started telling a few weeks ago before Becky Lynch stepped in. They are evenly matched competitors who got their bearings. They both countered the signature points, neither wanted to give up, and sometimes they were mirror images of each other. The best part in my not-so-humble opinion was that Bianca got far enough away to stop Charlotte from doing her double moonsault. It was a little touch that said a lot about the two women and emphasized that Bianca was not the “flash in the pan” wrestler Charlotte pegged her like before Brut.

The momentum built up to an excellent finish, then it was ruined. May be something will happen to Crown jewel where Bianca can get some revenge. But we are not going here on the possibly and the possible; we have to go with what is in front of our faces. And in front of mine right now, as I live and breathe the internet of Al Gore in 2021, is an unsatisfying finish that makes no sense and does nothing for either person.

It’s even hard to sigh at that.

Can they coexist III

WWE falls into many tropes of lazy storytelling. In fact, it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t lean on them so often. And for three consecutive weeks. For some reason, I’m supposed to care if two guys fighting for the WWE Championship in a few days can coexist in a tag team match with nothing at stake? It’s just weird and, worse, unnecessary. Take a quote from Godzilla, that they fight. Instead, they’re fighting the Dirty Dawgz… again… for basketball reasons. And it’s even worse when NXT does a much better version of this story.

That said, it was a decent tag match. Big E suffered numerous punishments, prompting questions that Drew McIntyre had a master plan. Then it came to nothing when Drew O’Mac took the hot tag and injured Dolph Ziggler and Big Bobby Roode. E was briefly taken out of the game but returned to the game just in time to get a reluctant tag from Drew and put the Dawgz to sleep.

They shook hands after the game and then started to chew… basically the same thing they’ve been doing for three weeks now.

This is buggy Smack downThe two best stories of (Roman Reigns x Brock Lesnar, Edge x Seth Rollins) are performed on a level it doesn’t even touch. Grant it, there is a lot history with these four men. A story E and Drew just don’t have. But WWE putting this thing together in such a sloppy way is just boring and wacky.

Extracurricular activities

The murder was the case

I laughed when Bobby Lashley told Goldberg it was his right to call the cops and report Goldberg’s deadly threats. It flies in the face of so much wrestling history, but the All Mighty says he doesn’t roll that way anyway, so it’s questionable.

Nothing new here. The “No Holds Barred” interview felt more sterilized than Without taboo. And at least Zeus and a guy started to poop on himself. I was more excited for this game a few weeks ago than today because they are just repeating the rhythms of history.

There are no other kings in this WWE thing …

Xavier Woods’ close encounter with the Steps of the Steel Ring seemed rightfully frightening. Legitimate to the point that I wondered if they would stop the game. I guess that’s what happens when the wrestling is really good.

Xavier fought to topple Jinder Mahal and advance to the King of the Ring final against Finn Balor. Am I the only one who has to remember that Mahal is a former WWE Champion? The best won in a decent match which sets the stage for what should be a very dope meeting on Thursday.

Speaking of Finns …

I can finally get rid of this: James Dean cool, John Wayne tough is nuts. Mainly because it refers to two cultural figures who are less and less relevant to a younger audience over time. It’s a lazy shortcut for character development.

Either way, Finn and Xavier Woods clashed after the easily manipulated former Mace. Things got complicated between the two cats who want nothing more than to be king. Xavier says Finn will remain a prince. “Artist formerly known as, to be exact” which was a very chosen line.

Who is the house? Our house

Street Profits told the world it’s Monday night to become Brut tag champions. AJ Styles and Omos said “not so fast, mate.” Not in those exact words, but you get the point. They are next on the list and clearly see the benefits as a challenge. How can I know? Because in a match between the aforementioned Profits of the Street and RK-Bro, AJ and Omos beat everyone up and left the champions in shock.

What started out as a declaration match for Profits ended with Styles and Omos standing tall, appearing smarter than their enemies and ready to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

There’s an interesting angle here too with Riddle still not realizing that Randy Orton didn’t have a plan last week. Riddle has yet to realize that his partner is ready to dry him off. If a breakup is in the future, it is the seed that will turn into dissension.

Two minutes for the queen

Two minutes. The semi-final of the Queen’s Crown tournament between Doudrop and Shayna Baszler lasted two minutes. And I could be generous by giving it that long.

Plus, the match itself was pretty doo-doo and made Shayna’s finisher look weak in the process.

The. Boo.

Doudrop x Zelina Vega will fight for the queen’s crown at Royal crown. What is the over / under on the match being over or under two minutes? Not to mention the time it takes them to get to the ring.

Theory is 2-0

Austin Theory is now 2-0 against Jeff Hardy. While Jeff might claim he was caught off guard the first time around, no such apology this week. Not even a little, Mr. Hardy. Austin thought he was facing R-Truth, only for Truth to pull a quick one and insert the Charismatic One instead. The result? Austin Theory narrowly beat him in the middle of the ring.

But the weird Theory fanboy selfie thing he does meant he had cross the line. The theory is in fact a usual line stepper. He had another selfie with Hardy, then Hardy took his revenge and a selfie with the mob Brut beginner. It’s a way for Theory to get a big W on a legend that’s going Smack down while letting the crowd celebrate Hardy at the same time. I understand. It doesn’t do anything for me, but I understand.

Apologize for your manhood, Ali

Mustafa Ali may have put his Dr. Frankenstein on him and created a monster. After Mansoor got a needed W on Cedric Alexander, (what’s The Hurt Business for right now?) Ali hit the ring in a fantastic costume. Furious that his former partner was smiling and laughing earlier, his rant barely began before Mansoor left.

Mansoor goes on a rampage, letting everyone know enough is enough and it’s time for a change. He promised to embarrass Ali to Crown jewel with a lot of passion and fire. Cool segment with real character development.

Johnny Zen

Another week, another behind-the-scenes segment with John Morrison adrift as Miz cuts rugs on another network. This time, The Viking Raiders questioned his methods of meditation. Raid and get paid.

Raw is Trash this week. It was all that held the service until Crown jewel, with advances in tournaments and a few bright spots erased by the sun which is an inept complacency. A few weeks ago I was wondering how Brut would be maintained by entering his show in Saudi Arabia. In no way on this land or any of the 51 other lands in DC have I understood the go home show for their big event would be this uninspired.

This first season cannot come soon enough.

Note: D-

It’s my grade and I’m sticking to it. Your turn.


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