Nigerian gunmen storm prison, release 800 inmates – .

Nigerian gunmen storm prison, release 800 inmates – .

An armed man attacked a prison in Nigeria’s Oyo state on Friday evening, forcibly releasing some 800 inmates, the majority of whom were still missing on Saturday, Reuters reported.
Officials said the attackers used dynamite to blow up walls and enter the prison yard after exchanging gunfire with prison officers, the press service reported.

All but 64 convicts escaped in the attack. About 575 detainees were missing and 262 others had been recaptured, the prison service said on Saturday, according to Reuters. All of the missing detainees were awaiting trial.

“While all the inmates awaiting trial have been expelled, the cells housing the convicts and inmates have not been vandalized,” the prison service said, according to Reuters.

Friday’s attack marked the third of its kind in recent months.

A similar attack in Imo State in April freed 1,800 detainees. Last month, another 266 detainees were forcibly released in Kogi state, Reuters noted.

Nigeria has struggled to contain violence and kidnappings in society. A group of students were abducted from their school by gunmen in March.

Kidnappers attacked another college in February and took several students into the middle of the night. And in December, nearly 330 students were kidnapped from government science high school.

In addition to the kidnappings, an armed man stormed a market and killed at least 43 people in northern Sokoto state earlier this month.

Girls who were abducted from their school by Boko Haram, an activist group, almost seven years ago – a crime that drew international attention to Nigeria – continue to escape and be reunited with their families.


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