Nick Saban comments on Agiye Hall’s absence after Tennessee game – .

Nick Saban comments on Agiye Hall’s absence after Tennessee game – .

Agiye Hall wide receiver (Photo: Courtesy of Alabama Athletics)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Alabama first-year wide receiver Agiye Hall was not in uniform for Crimson Tide’s return game against Tennessee on Saturday night. It happened after Hall tweeted – then deleted – his frustrations over UA’s victory at Mississippi State.

Coach Nick Saban was asked about Hall and the reason for his absence following the 52-24 victory.

“What we do with our players on our team is really our business,” said Saban. “We encourage the guys to do the right thing, personally, academically, and we have protocols that when guys miss so much, they can’t play in the game. It has always been the rule here. So I’m not going to divulge and I don’t think it’s anyone’s business when we try to get players to do the right thing and we use playing time and opportunities in football to trying to get them to do the right thing personally and academically. “

Hall has played three games this season – Miami, Mercer and Mississippi State – and caught a pass for 10 yards in the fourth quarter of Game 1 against the Hurricanes. The first-year receiver signed up early and went through spring practice, where he shone in April’s A-Day game with 72 yards on four catches for the Crimson Tide second team offense.

But it has yet to have the same impact this fall, which seems to have led to frustration.

“It is what it is,” Saban said on Monday. “But look, it’s always up to the players to create value for themselves by what they do. As I said before, there are players who have talent but they have to learn to use it and they have to use it effectively in their practice.

“It’s up to the player to impress the coaches that they can be trusted to go into the game and do what they’re supposed to do. So when players are frustrated sometimes they don’t react the way they should in terms of preparation and focus on what they need to do to become a good player because they are so concerned with the way they are playing.

“If the players are competitors, they will probably be frustrated not to play. But how do you answer it? What are you doing to respond to this in a positive way that will help you improve your situation in the future? And the way to do that is to do the right things and go out and train and play well so that not only your teammates and everyone in the organization can trust you to do what you’re supposed to do. .

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