Newcastle urges fans to avoid ‘culturally inappropriate’ clothing at games

Newcastle urges fans to avoid ‘culturally inappropriate’ clothing at games

Newcastle have asked fans celebrating the Saudis’ takeover of the club not to wear Arab-style clothing to matches in case it offends others.

Some fans wore traditional dresses and others wore headdresses for Sunday’s Premier League clash with Tottenham, the first under new Newcastle owners and the last under manager Steve Bruce, who left the club on Wednesday.

A club statement said: “Newcastle United is kindly asking fans to refrain from wearing traditional Arab clothing or Middle Eastern inspired headgear at matches if they do not normally wear such clothing. “

The statement added: “A number of supporters recently attended St James’ Park wearing associated headgear and dresses, marking the takeover of the club by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), PCP Capital Partners and RB Sports & Media.

“No one from the new group of owners was offended by the dress of the fans who chose to celebrate in this way. It was a gesture that was recognized as positive and welcoming in his intention. However, there remains the possibility that dressing in this way is culturally inappropriate and risks offending others.

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“All visitors to the club are, as always, encouraged to wear what is the norm for their own culture or religion, continuing to reflect the large and wealthy multicultural communities and groups that the club proudly supports. “


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