New Zealand boy, 4, calls cops to confirm his toys are cool – .

New Zealand boy, 4, calls cops to confirm his toys are cool – .

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – An emergency call by a 4-year-old New Zealand boy asking the police to come and check on his toys resulted in an actual call and an officer confirming that the toys were, indeed, pretty cool .

Police shared the audio of the call on social media this week with a photo of the smiling boy sitting on the hood of a patrol car, noting that although they do not encourage children to call the number urgently, the incident was’ too cute not to share. “

The call starts all cases: “It’s the police, where is the emergency? “

There is a pause as the unidentified boy says hesitantly, “Hi”, then “Police lady?”

“Yes,” the dispatcher asks, switching to a more friendly and singsong tone. ” What is happening? “

“Uh, can I tell you something?” The boy asks, and after being told he can, he says “I have toys for you.”

“Do you have any toys for me?” Said the dispatcher.

” Yeah. Come see them, ”the boy replies.

An emergency call was made by a 4-year-old New Zealand boy, asking the police to come and check his toys.

A man then phoned to confirm the call was a mistake, claiming the 4-year-old had helped while his mother was ill.

A police dispatch call then goes out, giving the address: “There is a 4-year-old child over there who wants to show the police his toys, it’s over.

“Yeah, I’m in the lead, I’ll take care of it,” replies an officer.

Police said the officer, who they identified only as Constable Kurt, was shown a range of toys at the boy’s house in the town of Invercargill, on the South Island.

They said the officer was also able to have a “good educational conversation” about the proper use of the emergency number, which is 111 in New Zealand.

“He had some cool toys,” Constable Kurt said after witnessing the call, according to police. They added that: “The lucky kid was also able to see the patrol car and the officer also turned on the lights for him. ”


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