New TV series How to Train Your Dragons set in modern times – .

New TV series How to Train Your Dragons set in modern times – .

A young boy in a hoodie walks up to a black and white Night Dragon Fury.

This kid looks surprisingly unimpressed that he’s about to touch a dragon.
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Dreamworks has been very, very successful with its How to train your dragon franchise. Three extremely well-received films, of them animated television series running concurrently since 2012, and a horde of other media connections have made it one of the most beloved children’s series of the 21st century. So it’s surprising to find out just how prepared Dreamworks is to shake up the formula with its most recent Dragons series.

Unlike all the other episodes in the series, which take place in a fantastical setting from the Viking Age, the next Dragons: The Nine Kingdoms take place… now. According to the press release:

“Located 1,300 years after the events of How to train your dragon, dragons are nothing more than a legend in the modern world. When a geological anomaly opens a huge fissure several kilometers deep in the Earth’s surface, scientists from around the world gather at a new research center to study the mysterious phenomenon. Soon, a group of misfit children, brought to the site by their parents, discover the truth about dragons and where they are hiding …a a secret that they must keep to themselves to protect what they have discovered.

There’s no further clue in the first trailer, but it certainly looks like Adventure timeJeremy Shada voices the main voice.

I never really considered the Dragons the movies were set on Earth – our Earth – given all the flying dragons, so the discovery that they are part of the real world is actually more shocking to me than the huge leap in time. Although, since the show is titled “The Nine Realms,” there’s probably room for the interdimensional Nordic chicane. Still, it’s very strange to realize that the stars of the films Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs and Snotlout will all be long dead when the show takes place.

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Dragons: The Nine Kingdoms debuts December 23 on the Hulu and Peacock streaming services.

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