new rules from Sunday for lateral flow testing upon arrival in the UK – .

new rules from Sunday for lateral flow testing upon arrival in the UK – .

New testing rules for people arriving in England from countries not on the red list apply from Sunday.
From Sunday 24 October, fully vaccinated adults and most under 18s can take a lateral flow test instead of a PCR test by the second day of arrival in the UK at the latest.

Lateral flow tests are cheaper and faster than PCR tests, but some companies have already been accused of raising the prices of test kits before the new rules came into effect.

And using free NHS lateral flow tests is not an option, the government says they “cannot be used for international travel.”

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What are the new international travel day 2 Covid test rules

The rule change means fully vaccinated adults and most children can use cheaper and faster lateral flow tests instead of PCR tests to check their Covid-19 status after arriving in England from a country not on the red list.

The upcoming changes will affect families returning from abroad beyond and after the school break.

As of Sunday 24 October, fully vaccinated individuals and children aged five to 17 who reside in the UK or a country with approved proof of vaccination should undergo a lateral flow test or PCR in the second. day after arriving in England, if they have traveled from a non-Red List country and have not been to a Red List country within the previous 10 days. Day zero is the day of arrival in England.

Those who are not vaccinated must quarantine themselves at home for 10 days after arriving from a country not on the red list, and pass two PCR tests. Unvaccinated people cannot use the option of using a lateral flow test.

There are different rules for arriving from Red List countries.

How do I book a day 2 lateral flow test from a government approved supplier?

Lateral flow test kits for testing Covid-19 after international travel must be purchased from a private supplier listed on the government website.

The government says free NHS lateral flight kits cannot be used for travel testing.

How much do side flow displacement test kits cost?

When ChronicleLive checked the government site for travel lateral flow tests available in the northeast, day 2 lateral flow tests ranged from £ 19 to £ 39.

But there are accusations that companies are raising prices and misleading customers before they book.

Analysis by the PA News Agency found that many companies with the lowest advertised prices do not allow customers to book the tests or that the actual prices are much higher.

C-19 Direct was listed as offering the tests for £ 14.94, but the cheapest option available on its website was £ 59.95.

Frustrated travelers on Twitter called the ads “bogus” and “click bait”.

Meanwhile, 48 providers were selling the tests for at least £ 100, with the highest price being £ 217 through ROC Health Services.

Lateral flow tests for non-travelers are available for free on the NHS, and in most other major European tourist destinations they cost no more than £ 25.

Can’t I use a free NHS lateral flow test instead?

No, free NHS kits will not be accepted. Travelers must pay for private government-approved testing instead.

The government says: “Lateral flow tests for international travel must be purchased from a private supplier, as NHS Test and Trace tests cannot be used for international travel. “

Can I still use a PCR test instead of a lateral flow?

Yes. PCR or lateral flow testing can be used to check for the presence of Covid-19 for people entering or returning to England after being in a country that is not on the red list.

So if you have already booked a Day 2 PCR test, you can use it if you want.

What happens if my lateral flow test is positive for Covid-19?

If your lateral flow test is positive for Covid-19, you will need to self-isolate immediately and will be given a free PCR test to confirm if you have Covid-19.

The government says: “Anyone who tests positive will have to self-isolate and take a confirmatory PCR test. PCR tests are available free of charge by ordering in the usual way via NHS Test and Trace – via or by calling 119. Providers will need to advise people to self-isolate and direct people to the page of NHS Test and Trace reservation.

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