NASA announces the start of unmanned flights around the moon in February 2022

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NASA has announced plans to launch an unmanned flight around the Moon in February 2022, paving the way for astronauts to get back on the Earth satellite.

The U.S. space agency said on Friday it was in the final stages of testing to send its Orion capsule into orbit around the moon on its Space Launch System rocket.

He announced this week that Orion is attached to the 98-meter (322-foot) rocket.

NASA said the Artemis 1 mission “will pave the way for a future crewed flight test” before “more complex missions with astronauts on and around the moon.”

The agency will carry out until February a series of tests, including the interface and communication systems, and a dress rehearsal several weeks before the launch.

NASA said it would set a date for the launch if the dress rehearsal was successful.

“Artemis 1 will provide a basis for human exploration of deep space and demonstrate our commitment and ability to expand human existence on the Moon and beyond before the first flight with the crew of Artemis 2”, did he declare.

It has been 52 years since NASA’s space program placed humans on the moon, starting with the Apollo 11 mission and Neil Armstrong’s famous giant leaps.

A total of 12 men walked on the Moon between 1969 and 1972 when missions were abandoned in favor of working space shuttle flights and international space stations.


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