Mother urges Hong Kong to send daughter’s killer to Taiwan – .

Mother urges Hong Kong to send daughter’s killer to Taiwan – .

Hong-Kong (AFP)

The mother of a murdered Hong Kong woman blasted the authorities on Wednesday for allowing the murderer of her daughter to live as a free man, a case that has escalated because China does not recognize Taiwan.

Poon Hiu-wing, 19, was pregnant when she was strangled by her boyfriend Chan Tong-kai on a Valentine’s Day trip to Taiwan in 2018.

The murder, which Chan admitted, sparked a chain reaction that led to huge democracy protests the following year and embarrassed the Hong Kong government.

Poon’s mother – who has never revealed his name – held an emotional press conference outside government headquarters on Wednesday, calling on authorities to send Chan to Taiwan or prosecute him locally for murder.

“The Hong Kong government believes that this criminal, who can kill again at any time, is adept at walking the streets and threatening people’s lives,” she told reporters.

Chan had “never faced the consequences of a murder,” she said, after it was revealed earlier this month that he had left police custody and was was free to lead a normal life.

Hong Kong prosecutors said they had no jurisdiction to try him on murder charges. They also refused to send Chan to Taiwan because the Chinese government does not recognize the Autonomous Democratic Island.

After Poon’s murder, Hong Kong attempted to pass a new law that would allow extraditions to Taiwan and mainland China.

But it sparked protests from many Hong Kongers who feared the law would see them disappear in the opaque courts of mainland China.

Those rallies quickly turned into huge and often violent pro-democracy protests that rocked the city for seven straight months in 2019.

Chan served a short prison sentence in Hong Kong on money laundering charges based on being in possession of Poon’s credit card upon his return from Taiwan.

It was during this procedure that he admitted to having killed her.

Chan previously said via an intermediary that he was prepared to face justice in Taiwan. But no action has been taken by him or the Hong Kong authorities to make this happen.

Hong Kong and Taiwan blamed each other for the stalemate.


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