Missoula County Sends Alert Regarding Take-Out COVID-19 Test Recall – .

Missoula County Sends Alert Regarding Take-Out COVID-19 Test Recall – .

MISSOULA – Take-out Covid tests have been on the market for some time now, but the Missoula City and County Health Department is notifying people of a recall for testing.
“So this is just a totally inaccurate test kit,” said Cindy Farr, the county’s COVID-19 incident response commander.

The Rapid Antigen Ellume COVID-19 home test has been recalled by the FDA due to a manufacturing error.

The tests gave users higher than normal false positive results.

Farr says PCR tests are our best bet for getting an accurate test result.

“The problem is a lot of these over the counter tests that you can buy for home test kits that were made pretty quickly and now some of them are starting to see flaws where they get false negatives or they get false positives, ”Farr said.

One of the attractions of home testing is how quickly you can get results. However, at the Department of Health’s Flynn Lane site, they use a local lab to get process test results, with a 24-hour turnaround time.

“Although we saw delays a few months ago, now that we are using a local tour to process the results, we are getting these 24 hour delays,” Farr told MTN News. “So a quick and easy way to get tested.

The health service is changing the notification to people of their test results from Monday, October 25.

They will move to a more automated process. So instead of receiving a call, contact tracers will send text messages with a link provided to fill in the information they would normally request over the phone.

Farr wants everyone to know that if they receive an SMS with a link from the health service, it is not a scam.


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