Miss France beauty pageant sued for selecting candidates based on their appearance – .

Miss France beauty pageant sued for selecting candidates based on their appearance – .

Despite decades of complaints that Miss France – who turned 100 last year – is a sexist holdover from a bygone era that reinforces gender stereotypes, she remains incredibly popular among the French and draws millions of viewers to the final national vote on the first TF1 television channel in December.

Despite the insistence of the organizers, it has evolved with the times by giving marks for general knowledge as well as personality, the competitors continue to parade in swimsuits and ball gowns.

Last year, France’s High Council for Gender Equality, HCE, targeted the competition, along with a series of reality TV shows, saying they reinforced stereotypes of ‘dominant Don Juan’ and “bimbo temptresses”.

“For all of our protests every year against this vehicle of sexist values, nothing changes,” said Alyssa Ahrabare, head of Dare to be Feminist. “We have decided to use the law to advance the cause of women.

The case will likely depend on whether the judges recognize the Miss France candidates as de facto employees of the organizers and the television company.

While the candidates do not sign an employment contract, a 2013 decision in the same direction concerning a candidate of Mister France seems to support the assertion that the organizers can still be prosecuted for discrimination concerning “morals, age, family situation or physical appearance ”.

There was no immediate response from Miss France or Endemol, but Sylvie Tellier, the 2002 Miss France who heads the organization, recently insisted that the pageant promotes rather than trashes women’s rights.

She said, “You can walk in a swimsuit and be a feminist. We are no longer in the era of “look beautiful and shut up”. ”


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