Millionaire Who Ate At New Salt Bae Restaurant After McDonald’s Says Steakhouse “Not Worth The Price” – .

Millionaire Who Ate At New Salt Bae Restaurant After McDonald’s Says Steakhouse “Not Worth The Price” – .

A millionaire who recently dined at London’s Salt Bae steakhouse, after first eating at McDonald’s, claimed the new restaurant was “not worth the price.”
Ever since Chef Nusret Gökçe opened his new Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge last month, diners have been shocked at the menu prices, with many patrons expressing dismay at their bills at the end of the night.

And, according to Chiraag Suchak, a 33-year-old IT contractor who works for investment banks and identifies as a millionaire, a steakhouse meal isn’t even worth the money.

Suchak reflected on his experience dining at the viral chef’s new establishment while speaking with MyLondon, where he revealed his friends had expressed a wish to go to Nusr-Et after seeing the various exaggerated bills that were circulating on them. social networks. , adding: “How could a guy justify charging £ 11 for a Red Bull or £ 630 for a steak?” “

According to Suchak, the opportunity presented itself shortly after finishing a chicken sandwich at McDonald’s, with the IT contractor recalling how he was informed shortly after by a friend that they had restaurant reservations. Salt Bae.

At the steakhouse, Suchak, who describes himself as a vegetarian other than eating chicken, ordered fried onions for £ 18, asparagus for £ 18, mashed potatoes for £ 12 and fries £ 10, according to the store. , who noted that he was a little surprised and “disappointed” with the lack of chicken menu options. In addition to some of his friend’s soft drinks and wine, he told MyLondon that his share of the bill, which includes a 15% service charge, is £ 150.

When asked about the food, Suchak began by admitting that he “wasn’t even hungry” when he arrived at the restaurant, before admitting it was good, but he didn’t think it was worth the price.

“I would say the food is good, but it’s not worth the price they charge,” he said, adding that it was “definitely better”.

He wasn’t the only one who thought so, as he noted that his friends, who ordered the £ 100 steak and golden burger, came to the same conclusion. According to Suchak, from what his friends have said, “the steak is certainly not amazing.”

Ultimately, he concluded that people go to the steakhouse for the “experience” and diners are really paying for the “hype.”

“You really love the experience, the atmosphere and a selfie with the chef. You pay to see Nusr-Et and the way he cuts the steak with his black gloves, and what he does when he squeezes the burger, ”he said. “You are paying for the hype. “

The unimpressed review comes after social media users suggested the expensive menu and viral receipts must be a ‘publicity stunt’ after a photo posted on Reddit showed the bill of £ 37,023 ($ 50,888 ) presented to a table of four after a recent restaurant meal.

Salt Bae has become a notable figure in the restaurant industry after gaining internet fame in 2017 with a video of himself cutting meat and sprinkling salt on it.


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