Michigan, Michigan State Rise in SI Top 10 – .

Michigan, Michigan State Rise in SI Top 10 – .

The beauty of college football is that when you sit down for a Saturday that doesn’t have a lot of appeal, things will end up happening that you haven’t seen before.
Like a nine-hour overtime game in which only 38 points are scored.

Like a quarterback who steals the ball from his own running back and carries it for a key first down to maintain an unbeaten season.

Those two things happened in the noon window of games, derailing what was supposed to be a mundane weekend. Illinois stunned Penn State 20-18 in the nine OT fandango that showed the flaws of the utterly fanciful new overtime rules and showed the offensive futility of both teams. It was, technically, the longest game in the history of the sport and also one of the worst. Neither team has been able to muster three yards for a score in five straight overtime periods when they moved to the two-point conversion stage in third overtime. For 10 consecutive games out of the three, neither team has been able to find the end zone.


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