Metro Vancouver Regional District cancels wastewater treatment plant deal after delays – .

Metro Vancouver Regional District cancels wastewater treatment plant deal after delays – .

The contract to build the new wastewater treatment plant in North Vancouver, British Columbia, will be terminated, according to the regional district in charge of the project, but the construction company says it is still working on it.
The Metro Vancouver regional district chief said he had lost faith in Acciona, the contractor company, after long construction delays and rising prices. Jerry Dobrovolny, administrative director of the regional district, says the cost has doubled from the original estimate of $ 500 million.

Dobrovolny says the project is 36% complete and the project is expected to be completed by 2020.

Additionally, he says the company took an additional two years to complete the project.
“Choosing to initiate termination was a difficult but necessary decision after considering all the other options,” Dobrovolny said.

“Our priority is to protect the interests of our region by delivering this project as quickly as possible with the least possible impact for residents.

However, contrary to what Metro Vancouver officials say, Acciona says it is still building the plant.

In an emailed statement to CBC News, Acciona said the project was “fraught” with unforeseen challenges, and said the regional district had requested more than 1,000 major design changes to the original plan. Acciona also said the district “demanded” that the company absorb the costs of the changes and delays.

“Today’s move by Metro Vancouver to begin terminating the North Shore wastewater treatment plant contract is unfortunate, unnecessary and certainly not in the long-term interests of metro residents. Vancouver or the environment, ”said an Acciona representative.

Acciona is also responsible for the construction of the Broadway SkyTrain expansion as well as the replacement of the Pattullo Bridge. The company was chosen to build the plant in 2017, which will serve more than 250,000 people.

Acciona alleges it has yet to be paid for around $ 100 million worth of work done by the company.

Metro Vancouver said it had honored the terms of the contract, including making all due payments on time, but said Acciona had “missed key construction milestones.”

“It’s a last resort, definitely not something we wanted to do or a position we wanted to be in. At some point we have to say enough is enough, ”Dobrovolny said.

He said the regional district will now make efforts to find a new entrepreneur quickly.


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