Meteor crashes on roof and lands on woman’s bed – .

Meteor crashes on roof and lands on woman’s bed – .

A large chunk of space rock arrived in Canada earlier this month.


A Canadian woman saw her home invaded by a destructive space intruder and survived to tell the story. There are no malicious aliens in this story, just a meteorite that, after a long journey, came to rest on Ruth Hamilton’s bed in British Columbia.

Hamilton told CBC that she was asleep on the evening of October 3 when she was awakened by the barking of her dog.

“The next thing was just a huge explosion and debris in my face,” Hamilton recalls. “I pushed back one of the two pillows I was sleeping on and between them was the meteorite. ”

A fireball was filmed over Canada that matches the time of the meteorite that pierced Hamilton’s roof in the city of Golden.

Researchers across Canada are now asking area residents to check their own dashboard or security cameras for additional footage, as well as check outside (and perhaps under the beds) of other meteorites of the event.

“We strongly expect dozens more meteorites to have fallen and encourage residents to be on the lookout,” Alan Hildebrand, planetologist at the University of Calgary, said in a statement.

The space rock that struck Hamilton’s bed was charcoal gray and the size of a melon, weighing about 1.3 kilograms.

A second, smaller meteorite has already been found near the city, according to CTV News.

While meteors almost surely reach the surface of the planet almost daily, such a call is extremely rare. The case of an Alabama woman who was bruised by a meteorite that struck her hip while sleeping in bed in 1954 is one of the few.

For her part, Hamilton says she was shaken by the incident, but is unharmed and is looking to have the hole in her roof repaired. She also says she plans to keep the meteorite.


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