McDonald’s employee explains how he makes fries for “demanding and rude customers” – .

McDonald’s employee explains how he makes fries for “demanding and rude customers” – .

A McDonald’s employee has revealed how he treats “rude customers” who demand fresh fries.

Deandre Byars, who claims to work in fast food, urged customers to “stop being rude” to staff in a now viral TikTok video, where he is known as @ dresav92.

In the clip, he revealed what happens “when you ask for fresh fries at McDonald’s.”

Instead of brewing a new batch, as you might expect, Deandre just warms them up.

He starts by throwing the cooked fries that are placed in a heating station into a frying basket to dip them in oil for quick frying.

He leaves it there for a few seconds before taking them out and putting them back in the packaging.

Deandre hit back at rude customers


He just warms them up


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Since its publication, the video has racked up over 129,000 likes and thousands of comments from divided viewers.

One person said, “How rude is it to ask for fresh fries? I swear people like to do the bare minimum, ”to which Deandre replied,“ Asking and asking are two different things. “

Another joked, “So you have to do them again because we all know they’re not fresh and we are complaining, so you’re really playing it yourself.” “

A third person said it was not safe to reheat French fries “because salt damages the oil”.

But surprisingly, the majority of people didn’t seem to care as long as their chips were hot.

“Lol that’s good as long as they’re hot,” one said.

Another added: “Literally as long as they aren’t cold, hard, or soggy [I don’t care]. If that fixes the problem, I’m okay with that. “

While someone else advised, “Always ask for salt-free fries and they’ll be one hundred percent fresh!” Bring your own salt! “

This isn’t the first time a McDonald’s employee has shared store secrets.

Katie, known as @katieeclarkee on TikTok, explained why they take your photo when you use the drive-thru.

During her shift, she showed viewers the drive-thru camera and demonstrated how it works.

Take a look here.

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