Matthew McConaughey says he will run for Texas governor if he is ‘useful’ – .

Matthew McConaughey says he will run for Texas governor if he is ‘useful’ – .

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In an interview with Kara Swisher on the New York Times’ “Sway” podcast, the Texas-born actor described American politics as a “broken case” and explained that he would not be running to topple outgoing Republican Greg Abbott in 2022 unless he feels he could. make a difference as an elected official.

“I could arguably have more influence as an informal leader than as a formal leader,” said McConaughey, referring to his philanthropic efforts as a private citizen.

Speculation about a possible race has been increasing for months. In September, McConaughey said he was “measuring” an election candidacy in Lone Star State. Recent polls show him in a competitive race with Abbott, who is seeking re-election.

Content of the article

“One side of the argument is, McConaughey, exactly. (Corruption is) why you have to go, ”he said during an appearance on the podcast.

“The other side is, pfft, it’s a bag of rats, man. Do not touch this with a 10 foot post. There is another (reason not to run) – you have another way. You have another category to be influential and to do things that you would like to do, and to help in the way that you think you can help, and even heal the divisions. It may be a lot better outside of politics.

Bag of rats

The Dazed and Confused star didn’t explain her stance on abortion, but agreed that Texas’ extreme new legislation that criminalizes six-week layoffs without exception for rape victims isn’t fair.

“Yes, now abortion – this new SB (Senate Bill) 8, six week abortion ban – I’m not going to go out and tell you right away on this show, here’s where I am on the abortion, ”he said. . “We’ve been trying to figure this out and how to play God with this situation, from the start.

“But that last hit from Texas?” It’s a… I feel a little juvenile in its implementation, ”he said.

“And also, you know, how that… doesn’t really allow (abortion in the case of) rape and incest, it’s… I have a problem with that.” And also, six weeks. Six weeks? If you say your abortion discussion is even on the table for consideration, six weeks doesn’t really make it an honest consideration.


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