Matt Amodio shouted “Jeopardy! “After Jonathan Fisher Gets” Unfair Free Pass “ – .

Matt Amodio shouted “Jeopardy! “After Jonathan Fisher Gets” Unfair Free Pass “ – .

Old Danger! champion Matt Amodio keep an eye on his successor Jonathan Fisher, and he recently announced a minor but important thing that was changed only for the current title holder.
As people may know, after the show’s first commercial break, Danger! applicants are usually invited to speak a little about themselves. But in Monday’s episode, Danger! host Mayim Bialik had a question for Jonathan instead. “So you got a position in the next Tournament of Champions, you could face Matt Amodio. What do you think it would look like? ” she said.

“It would be amazing,” he said. “It’s been one of the highlights of my life to be here but also to have played against Matt, so being able to start over would just be the icing on the cake. Mayim then said she would “love to see” this happen.

But Matt, who watched the segment on Danger!official Twitter account of, did not fail to notice that Jonathan was spared the stress of having to make up an interesting story about himself. “Totally unfair. #Jeopardy * give * @JFishtheDish a free trivia pass? ” he wrote in a retweet. “Meanwhile, I struggle with ‘I listen to music sometimes’ and’ There was a bat. Did he do something? No, he just sat there and then left.

After hearing the old beloved Danger! champion, Matt’s fans couldn’t help but share some of their favorite anecdotes he revealed on the show. “Let’s not forget that time when you did the dishes” a person wrote. “My favorite was when you got the scar on your hand while picking apples” another added. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, your anecdotes were good!” Now we know you have trouble with the dishwasher and escalators 😂😂😂, ” another fan said.

Additionally, others applauded him for coming up with a total of 38 previews during his winning streak. “These anecdotes were quite legendary [though] I’m not going to lie, ” a subscriber commented. “Your stock of stories, considering your age, was quite surprising! Not as impressive as the extent of your knowledge, but still impressive! ” someone else tweeted. “This thread just makes me realize how good you are at storytelling!” Few of them seem convincing on paper, but it seems we all liked them 🏆 ”, a spectator declared.

A fan wondered if Matt had invented some of his anecdotes – after all, Danger! prodigy Ken Jennings recently admitted to having done so in his historic 75-game winning streak in 2004. “No, but I was starting to think about it! ” Matt responded to the curious viewer.

All kidding aside, Matt cheered Jonathan on from the sidelines and sent him an encouraging message here and there. “👏👏! Winning #Jeopardy on a Monday can be tough! , ” he wrote in another tweet.

Matt now has a longtime fan base, and many can’t wait to see him again on the Danger! scene in the near future.

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