Match Awards for Bayern Munich’s 4-0 win over Benfica in the Champions League – .

Match Awards for Bayern Munich’s 4-0 win over Benfica in the Champions League – .

Swimwear exchange: Julian Weigl

The German midfielder is a familiar face to anyone who regularly watches the Bundesliga. The former Borussia Dortmund player was one of the best players in the Benfica squad. He kept his team’s midfield very well organized and often took part in important duels and won the ball. Weigl was also one of Benfica’s most vocal players ahead of the game, and it has to be said – Benfica played really well, but in the end Bayern Munich came out on top in a superb ending.

Der Bomber : Kingsley Coman

The Frenchman is back in the starting XI after having undergone a minor heart operation, and what a comeback! Coman has long been one of the best players on the pitch and has kept Bayern’s attack fresh and has often given Benfica defenders headaches. His dribbling was there, as well as his movement. If Kingsley had been luckier, he could have ended the game with a goal or an assist. He helped Robert Lewandowski in the first half, but the goal was eventually ruled out as the Pole scored with his hand. He also had some good shots – in the first half he had a brilliant shot from the box, but Odysseas Vlachodimos saved him. Later in the second half he made a solo effort, but after a magnificent run his shot went just over the crossbar.

The god of football: Joshua Kimmich

The versatile Bayern Munich midfielder was everywhere on the pitch tonight. It was a powerful performance for him as he dominated throughout the game. He relentlessly covered the pitch and performed tons of crucial tackles and blocks during his time on the pitch. His passing was, once again, world class and therefore helped immensely with the transition game. Although Marcel Sabitzer is definitely a great player, he still needs time to adjust. It looked like Kimmich was gaining a lot of weight in midfield, but he didn’t mind that. Kimmich finished the game with 91% passing passes, and it was also crucial for Leroy Sane’s second goal, as he passed the perfect pass to Josip Stanišić.

The Emperor: Manuel Neuer

There isn’t much to say about Neuer’s performance. The man is one of the greatest of all time, and he’s almost always ready to respond with a brilliant backup. Benfica played cautiously throughout the game but they tried to score. Benfica had a few decent chances but Neuer wouldn’t let anything go through him tonight. He made three big saves to keep Bayern in the game, and one of his best saves came in the first half when he saved a powerful shot just from the edge of the box. Neuer also managed an impressive 89% of successful passes. Impressive night for the Bayern captain as he made his 100th appearance for Bayern in the Champions League.

Master of the match: Leroy Sane

Wow! What a performance from the Bayern winger! He had his chances in the first half, but he just missed a bit of luck to beat Vlachodimos. In the second half he turned it on and scored two goals and assisted one. His first goal came from a free kick, and that goal opened the scoring for Bayern and marked the end for Benfica. The Bavarians smelled blood, as Benfica’s game collapsed after conceding. After that, the goals continued, and mostly thanks to Sane’s efforts. The second goal was an own goal. The third scored Lewandowski after Sane’s assist. And the last goal was wonderful teamwork, in the end Josip Stanišić passed the ball to Sane, who smashed the ball in the back of the goalkeeper. Sane’s metamorphosis is such a wonderful thing to see. He was once tagged as a flop, but now he’s one of the most important parts of Nagelsmann’s system.


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