Manchester United got into a corner against Solskjaer “as Conte’s interest cools” – George Smith – .

Manchester United got into a corner against Solskjaer “as Conte’s interest cools” – George Smith – .

As with everything in football, wielding an ax at a manager is a duty much easier said than done, even if the fans desperately want it to happen.
Throughout this week, following Manchester United’s embarrassing 5-0 home defeat to Liverpool on Sunday afternoon, a growing number of United supporters called on the club to remove Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from his post and send him off. pack his case.

Although United, as reported Manchester Evening News On Monday, were considering asking Solskjaer to clear his office at the Carrington club’s training base, the Norwegian, perhaps by the skin of his teeth, remained in charge, so much so that he will have the chance to catch up with Sunday’s soul-destructive performance against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. Can he consider himself happy? You bet.

At first glance, however, Solskjaer’s ability to hang on to his job for so long has been aided by the fact that United do not have a ready-made replacement to put themselves in their shoes. No plan, until 4:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon included, had been put in place to bring in a new manager.

United had full confidence in the former striker to oversee this long-term project and bring the club back to the pinnacle of English and European football. The loss to Liverpool changed all that, as evidenced by the fact that United considered making a change on Monday.

However, if United had pulled the trigger, who would they have turned to, especially if no plan had been put in place?

As revealed by MEN Ex-Chelsea Italian boss Antonio Conte is reportedly interested in succeeding Solskjaer if he were to be shown the door, but United have reservations about whether or not he would be suitable and have not made any contact with him . Reports, from the Daily Star on Thursday, claim that all interest in Conte has cooled further due to the cost of hiring him.

Aside from him, the only other high profile manager currently out of work is former Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane. Like Conte, United have not contacted the Frenchman either.

If Solskjaer were on the brink and United wanted a big name to replace him without having to pay compensation to another club, these two, you imagine, would be high on their wishlist. While they have each accomplished far more than many others in their profession, do they match what United want? Jumping from Solskjaer to Conte, for example, would be like trading a sweltering summer day for a stormy October evening. The difference in characteristics is obvious.

Would United try to drive a manager away from another club? May be. But that seems unlikely.

If anything, United, although Solskjaer deserved a chance at full-time work after his exploits after replacing Jose Mourinho on a temporary basis, got into a corner by opting for long-term Solskjaer in first place. . With the greatest respect for the Norwegian, what has he accomplished in his managerial career to deserve the job of United manager? The fact that he probably wouldn’t even have gotten the job if he hadn’t played for the club tells you everything you need to know.

At the time of Mourinho’s sacking, United should have been looking to attack one of their big European rivals. They missed the boat for Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino and more recently Julian Nagelsmann. These are the levels United should have been aiming for.

The chances of United attracting one of these three to Old Trafford aren’t even worth talking about. This will not happen under any circumstances. They each have their own protectors to watch out for and they’re unlikely to leave Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain or Bayern Munich out.

A quick scan of the latest betting odds to see who could replace Solskjaer isn’t the most compelling visualization, it has to be said. United’s options are now limited and that could put Solskjaer’s game into play, even if the results worsen. There may come a time when United will have to bite the bullet and make a change, but who they bring remains a very difficult puzzle to solve.

Conte, at first glance, seems the most logical answer, but given that United haven’t made any form of contact with him, it suggests that they’re not too excited. The options are minimal and it is becoming more and more evident.

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