Man leaves ex-partner stunned after paying off mortgage – live on TikTok – .

Man leaves ex-partner stunned after paying off mortgage – live on TikTok – .

A man left his ex-partner stunned after telling her he paid off his mortgage for his 31st birthday.
He made the announcement while they were live on TikTok.

Shaun Nyland made the massive move to keep a roof over Cat Keenan’s head after the couple broke up last February.

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Between them, they have nearly 5 million followers on TikTok.

Shaun, who alone has 3 million followers, filmed himself throwing a set of house keys at Cat.

Shortly after, he announced that she owned the entire property.

Cat, initially puzzled, believed her ex was liquidating her.

Shortly after, he said, “Well it’s your birthday today and I want you to have the best birthday ever.

TikTok stars Shaun Nyland @ shaun.nyland and Cat Keenan @itscatkeenan went viral after Shaun paid off Cat’s mortgage after the couple split in February 2021

“I know we’re not together anymore and you struggle to pay off the mortgage every month, and I’m so proud of you, you are the best mom ever.

“So I did something, I called the bank, I paid off the entire mortgage, this house is yours now.” “

Cat refused to believe Shaun, believing it was still a prank, until she checked an email from the bank, confirming that she didn’t owe any more money for the house.

“You deserve it,” Shaun added.

Cat threw her arms around him in disbelief.

Cat was originally in disbelief about it all

He declined to say exactly how much it cost him, other than the fact that it was six figures.

Despite their separation after seven years of dating, the couple have maintained a friendly relationship.

They met in their early 20s and moved into a four-bedroom semi-detached townhouse in Llanwern, Wales, before getting involved with TikTok in October 2019.

After amassing a large following, the couple quit their day jobs, earning more in a day on TikTok than their monthly salary.

They became popular by posting “silly comedy videos” ranging from pranks and Christmas adventures to a yes / no state game they played together.

The videos often featured Tommy, Cat’s son from a previous relationship, as well as Leo, who the couple had together.

Although they made a lot of money, working together took a toll on their relationship and by the New Year they broke up.

“We were working 24/7, annoying each other,” Cat said.

“So we decided to go our separate ways. “

Cat and Shaun

After the separation, Cat remained in the family home while Shaun returned to Gloucester with his parents while continuing his career in social media.

But Cat struggled to keep posting content and slowly lost her regular income.

Things got so bad for Cat that she was forced to adjust parts of her lifestyle – she sold her Range Rover and lost considerable weight due to financial stress.

Shaun realized that his ex was struggling and decided to come to the rescue.

“I wanted to take the pressure off of her,” he said.

Cat first thought it was all a joke

“If I’m able to do it, then why not. I wanted to keep a roof over his and Leo’s head and relieve Cat. “

Cat picked up the story “When we were together there was more work to come. Going alone was a struggle. “

She turned 31 on October 13 and that’s when Shaun broke her big news.

“It was a huge shock when Shaun did what he did,” she said.

The couple have maintained a good bond and friendship despite their breakup, and believe it’s important for Leo to see his parents stay friendly.

“There is no meanness between us,” Shaun agreed. His video has been viewed almost 4 million times on TikTok.

Cat threw her arms around Shaun

“I think because it is heartwarming,” he added. “And nice and people like to watch that.” This is unheard of. To me, that’s what co-parenting should be.

“I know not everyone has the capacity to do what I did, but the kids should come first. “

In a follow-up video posted by Cat after she recovered from the shock, Shaun tells her, “You gave me the greatest gift ever, you put Leo in this world.

“I know you struggled, you told me you struggled, you worked really hard, and it makes sense to put a roof over your head and Leo’s. “

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