Mainstream morning news ignores huge caravan of migrants heading for US border – .

Mainstream morning news ignores huge caravan of migrants heading for US border – .

A huge caravan of migrants left the southern Mexican city of Huehuetán on Monday, the third day of their trek to the southern United States border, but anyone relying on the morning news has no idea.

NewsBusters editor-in-chief Curtis Houck monitored Monday’s editions of NBC’s “Today”, ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​and “CBS Mornings”, but could not find information on the news. largest and most organized migrant caravan this year.

“This story was ignored on the broadcast network’s morning TV news,” Houck wrote, noting that CNN and MSNBC didn’t care about the story either.

Asylum-seeking migrants from Central America, who were returned to Mexico under Title 42 after crossing the border to the United States from Mexico, in the public square where hundreds of migrants live in tents, in Reynosa, Mexico, August 27, 2021. REUTERS / Go Nakamura
(REUTERS / Come on Nakamura)


Worse yet, the story was not mentioned on the two liberal cable networks because CNN’s ‘New Day’ and MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ couldn’t even spend a few minutes proposing a condescending rejection of the caravan as imaginary or insignificant, ”wrote Houck.

The caravan is made up mostly of Central Americans, South Americans and Haitians, with participants registering to join via a QR code starting October 15.

CNN’s “New Day” failed to cover the huge caravan of migrants heading for the US border, according to NewsBusters.

Houck also noted that “New Day focused on former President Obama declaring culture wars to be ‘fabricated’ and ‘bogus’, while ‘Morning Joe’ mainly covered the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill and the latest controversy. on Facebook. On broadcast networks. , things were much lighter.

Tens of thousands of migrants gather at southern border before “STAY IN MEXICO RESTART”, SOURCES SAY

“Instead of covering a new chapter in the border crisis, ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ touted a haunted house in Denver, Colorado, ‘CBS Mornings’ aired an interview with Bruce Springsteen and former President Obama, and NBC’s ‘Today’ had a brief about Ryan Gosling chosen to play Ken in a Barbie movie, ”Houck observed.

As for the caravan, video footage captured by Fox News showed thousands of migrants, including small children pushed in strollers, marching north about 20 miles north of Tapachula. One migrant carried a large wooden cross in the front of the caravan while others carried American flags and placards bearing President Joe Biden’s name.

“Tell Biden we’re coming,” a migrant named William from El Salvador told Fox News.

US President Joe Biden attends a Major Economies Climate and Energy Forum (MEF) meeting on climate change, from a White House auditorium in Washington, September 17, 2021. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst
(REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Customs and border protection announced on Friday that there had been more than 1.7 million encounters with migrants in fiscal year 2021, breaking records. In addition, there were over 192,000 meetings in September alone – a slight decrease from the more than 200,000 seen in July and August, but a sign that the border crisis that plagued the Biden administration is far away. to be completed. The administration also had to deal with a massive wave of Haitian migrants in September and fears more waves are underway.

Border patrol sources told Fox News that as many as 60,000 migrants were amassing on the Mexican side of the border and intended to enter the United States in the coming days.


Fox News’ Griff Jenkins, Adam Shaw and Jessica Chasmar contributed to this report.


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