Macron criticized by Arab parliament for criticizing Algeria – .

Macron criticized by Arab parliament for criticizing Algeria – .

The French president said earlier this month that Algerian leaders “hold a grudge against France”, which has sparked a backlash.

The Arab Parliament on Wednesday criticized French President Emmanuel Macron for his recent criticism of Algeria.

The pan-Arab body said that Macron’s recent comments alleging Algeria ” [has] grudge against France ”were“ irresponsible and unacceptable ”.

Macron also said: “Was there an Algerian nation before French colonization? That is the question.

The Arab Parliament is the legislative body of the Arab League, a collective of Arab states working together on the economy, education and other fields.

Paris controlled Algeria for over a century, from 1830 to 1962, until the Algerian War of Independence.

Algiers recalled his envoy to France after Macron’s remarks, calling them “offensive” and “an unacceptable insult” against those who lost their lives during French rule.

Macron’s words are “an attack on the long history of Algeria which is an honorable part of the history of the Arab world, in particular in what it conceals of a civilizational heritage rich in resistance, sacrifice and struggle. for freedom “.

The Pan-Arab legislature declared that it supported “Algeria, leaders and people, against any abuse affecting its identity, its historical heritage and its achievements written with the blood of millions of martyrs”.

The October conflagration between France and Algeria comes after Algiers ended its relations with neighboring Morocco in August, citing “provocations and hostile practices”, and in September banned Rabat from use its airspace in the future.

France has also limited the number of visas available to citizens of North African countries.


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