Live Australian News Update: Melbourne to Set Covid Lockdown World Record, Dominic Perrottet to Become Premier of NSW

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Hello and welcome to the new week, it’s Mathilde Boseley here and let’s dig right into it.

First, a moment of pity for those of Melbourne, which in some ways is now the most locked down city in the world, a distinction no one was really aiming for.

The city has now recorded 246 days of stay at home through six closures, surpassing the record set by Buenos Aires today or tomorrow… yuck.

But state officials hope that reducing the Pfizer second-dose interval at state-run clinics from six to three weeks from Monday will accelerate the race to reach 70 percent of the population over 16 years old vaccinated.

In the north of New South Wales there is unrest. It’s more your traditional political dog fighting variety.

After the shock resignation of the Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian Friday after the state corruption watchdog revealed it was under investigation for possible breaches of public trust, the treasurer Dominique Perrottet now seems poised to become his successor, having gained the support of his own faction and the main intermediaries of moderate power.

He will go to the vote tomorrow and moderate candidate Rob Stoke could still fight, but it seems increasingly likely that the socially conservative Perrottet, 39, will land the first job.

Stuart Ayres, the New South Wales Minister for Employment, Investment and Tourism and a moderate leader, will run as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party.

Perrottet has so far avoided making a public commitment to stick to Berejiklian’s plan to reopen Berejiklian for Sydney.

OK, that’s already way too much for a Monday morning, so why not take the plunge?


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