Live Australian news update: Cabinet meets to finalize 2050 net zero deal, Victoria to lift Covid travel restrictions by Friday

Live Australian news update: Cabinet meets to finalize 2050 net zero deal, Victoria to lift Covid travel restrictions by Friday


It was quite the weekend.

The Nationals are now trying to rebrand themselves “calm and rational” on their views on the climate, with the Coalition’s junior partner agreeing to back in principle a goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Well, most of the Nationals. Matt Canavan wants everyone to know this is a bad deal.

But what is the deal? Nobody knows. Keith Pitt is back at the firm, having been fired as part of Barnaby Joyce’s come back, so the Nats got another cabinet spot (and vote). Other than that, everything is secret. But it’s calm and rational. Apparently.

Sarah martin and Catherine Murphy ditched their Sunday to try and make sense of the position:

The national deputy George Christensen, who has repeatedly threatened to join the militia, told colleagues he would now reconsider his position in government to protest the party’s position.
Christensen attended the meeting from a distance, wearing a “charcoal backing” t-shirt.
Other people who have spoken out strongly against the target include Matt Canavan and the MP for Wide Bay. Lion O’Brien.
The leader of the party in the Senate, Bridget McKenzie, also spoke out against supporting the deal and suggested that Joyce could still get more for the party through the cabinet process.

The fact remains that the Australian government went upside down just to get there, but most of the rest of the world has moved on to 2030 and into action this decade – something about which the Australia is not moving.

So don’t expect this problem to go away. In fact, expect the election campaign to be hotly contested on this point – with more scare-mongering “cost” and “plans” tactics. Just remember that “meet and beat” isn’t the whole truth.

On that note, the environment team has spent months putting together this new podcast series – it gives you all the history and knowledge you might need to understand what happened – and what awaits you.

We’ll bring you all of the day’s events as they unfold. Cabinet is meeting today and we have Question Time – as well as the first day of the Estimates hearings. Mike Bowers is already hard at work and we will participate in as many committees as possible. Just follow Penny Wong eyebrows.

In the meantime, congratulations to NSW students, parents, caregivers and school staff as distance learning is now a thing of the past. I don’t think any of us who haven’t been directly affected can understand what school is like for much of the past two years and I hope today will be filled with so many happy reunion as possible. And Victoria plans to meet on Friday, with the 80% vaccination target on the verge of being met, meaning Melbourne and the regions will no longer be separated. Considering the number of loved ones who have been separated, this is great news. I understand that there are still concerns – anyone can take it as slowly as they want, and if you’re not ready to rush you don’t have to. Just take it at your own pace.

Katharine Murphy, Sarah Martin, Daniel Hurst and Paul Karp will keep you updated on all politics today, with the rest of the Guardian stepping in to let you know about important things happening outside of Canberra. Since this is a sitting week, you have Amy Remeikis on the blog until the end of the day.

It’s gonna be a busy week – Scott Morrison is due to leave for Glasgow on Thursday so there is a bit to do beforehand. Ready?


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