Lio Rush is determined to become the first black AEW World Champion – .

Lio Rush is determined to become the first black AEW World Champion – .

In a new interview with Forbes, Lio Rush from AEW discussed various topics regarding the companies he works with – NJPW and AEW. In the case of New Japan, Lio says it’s a place he felt destined to eventually arrive, even before his WWE run.
“New Japan is such an amazing place,” said Rush. “The story and the respect it has from viewers, fans and wrestlers. I feel like New Japan just has this aura that everyone wants to be there because it’s so respected and the wrestlers who are there for a reason. I am so happy to be here. I think I was always meant to be in New Japan, at least I always wanted to be in New Japan before I was in WWE, but I came to WWE first. When I got out of WWE and New Japan contacted me, I was so excited. I was like, ‘this is that push that I needed.’

“There is such a real sporting and competitive aspect, and that’s where I come from,” he continued. “I’ve been a two-time amateur All-American wrestler, I’ve played soccer, I’ve played basketball and baseball, so I have a very competitive spirit and nature, so I’m happy to. be there. “

Lio, who has just signed with AEW, is aiming for his new twinning with Dante Martin of “Top Flight”. While Dante’s brother is out of action, Lio has pledged to support the rising star as a team partner.

“I’ve always had my interest in working with Dante,” Rush said.

“I actually met his brother [Darius Martin] when I was in Ring of Honor and he went to the show as a fan, teenager. We took a picture and everything. So it’s pretty cool that the loop has come full circle and I’m working with Dante in AEW. I saw myself so much in him when I was his age and he’s even better than me when I was his age. I had help when I was younger, but I had no one to coach me, guide me step by step and tell me about their experience. I’m happy that I was able to be that person for Dante as soon as he got into his career. Athletically, he’s amazing. I can not believe it.

But what will happen when the other half of “Top Flight”, Darius Martin, returns to AEW? Rush is open to the idea of ​​having a trio group with the brothers if that’s what fans want to see.

“It’s definitely an exciting idea,” said Rush.

“Something that’s a huge possibility every time Darius comes back and he’s all healed, who knows?” Who knows what will happen in this time frame. But if it turns out the way you want it to – and I’m sure a lot of other people watching it right now – I think it would be really cool to have the three of us together, that would be pretty silly. “

Rush also wants to make a huge impact on AEW as a singles star, noting that he hopes to represent AEW as the first black AEW World Champion someday. He believes this portrayal is important for the advancement of AEW as a whole.

“Performance changes lives,” said Rush.

“I didn’t have too many good examples of someone who can set the model for someone like me. Back then, when I was a wrestling fan, there wasn’t a tattooed little black guy who loves DC music. So the path I took, I created it. I think it opened doors for a lot of people, but I want to be world champion. I think I am more than capable.

“If I’m not ready for something, I’ll say I’m not ready for something. But I am ready. I was ready, ”Rush continued.

“I want to take this step. I wanna be that guy that everybody’s looking at and like, ‘Dude, he did it. And he did it in the face of adversity. Because I’ve had ups and downs in my career, and I’ve shown time and time again that I’m not someone who will just lay down and let go of my passion and dreams. I think he’s a good role model, just in life. Wrestling aside, seeing someone like me change the way I move in life and inspire people like me is a beautiful thing. I want to be that. I want to be that for everyone, and I think I can be that. I think I have the mic skills, I think I have the ability in the ring, I think I’m a pretty cool and sympathetic person. And I think I’m real. I think I am being honest. It’s a pane of glass here, I’m not holding anything back and I think that’s what a champion is and I want to be the first African American world champion at AEW.


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