Lewis Hamilton responds to claims he was furious with Mercedes for Turkish GP pit appeal – .

Lewis Hamilton responds to claims he was furious with Mercedes for Turkish GP pit appeal – .

Lewis Hamilton said the reaction to his pitstop strategy at the Turkish Grand Prix was overblown and denied he was “furious” with his Mercedes team on Sunday night.

Hamilton was running third at Istanbul Park when Mercedes called him to pit at 50th of 58, bringing him back to fifth place where he finished the race.

The seven-time world champion wanted to stay on track and risk rolling his tires until the end of the race, but was run over by Mercedes who worried about the condition of his tires and the potential for loss of performance or even a failure in the last laps.

Hamilton seemed upset with the decision at the time, telling team radio, “F-, man, why did you give up on this place? We should not have entered ”.

When his racing engineer Peter Bonnington continued to warn him about cars approaching him, he added, “Leave him alone, man.”

Speaking to the media after the race, Hamilton said his “instinct was to stay out” and he “would have liked to take that risk”.

The combination of the team’s radio transcript and post-race quotes led a number of UK newspapers to claim Hamilton was ‘furious’, ‘enraged’ and ‘angry’ in their headlines. But in an Instagram post on Monday morning, the Mercedes driver said it wasn’t.

“I saw some of the press this morning that talked a little too much about yesterday’s race incident on when to pit. It is not true to say that I am furious with my team, ”he wrote.

“As a team we are working hard to come up with the best possible strategy, but as the race progresses you have to make shared decisions, there are so many factors that are constantly changing.

“Yesterday we took the risk of staying outside hoping it would dry out, it didn’t. I wanted to take the risk and try to go through with it, but it was my call to stay out and it didn’t work. In the end we made pits and it was the safest thing to do.

“We live and we learn. We win and we lose as a team. Never expect me to be polite and calm on the radio when running, we are all very passionate and in the heat of the moment that passion can come out just like all drivers.

“My heart and my mind are out there on the track, it is the fire in me that has brought me here, but any angst is quickly forgotten and we talked about it, already anticipating the next race. Today is another day to stand up and as a team. Yet we get up. “

Hamilton is now six points behind title rival Max Verstappen in the standings with six races to go.


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