Letitia Wright denies airing anti-Vaxx views on Marvel set – .

Letitia Wright denies airing anti-Vaxx views on Marvel set – .

After strangely waiting a whole week, Letitia Wright broke her silence on social media by denying THR’s report claiming that she aired her anti-vaxx views on the set of Black panther 2. Putting it all together in a bible verse was a nice touch. (Instagram)

Checking out where we left the Roys before Succession Sunday. (Lainey Gossip)

Candace Cameron Bure Suffers From Accommodation ‘PTSD’ View. (Designated)

Meghan Trainor is making toilet videos now. Oh good. (Celebrity)

From Marlet: A new male contraceptive device in development may ask the question “Honey, did you remember putting a tea bag in your ultrasonic bath?” A standard part of the foreplay! (IFLSciences)

From Roxane: Saracen – ahem, Zach Gilford – gave this thoughtful interview to GQ about Midnight Mass. (GQ)

From James: Get yourself a piece of this sweet and sweet chicken food. (United States today)

From Claude:

Katie Couric admits that she took note of RBG’s not-so-great comments about kneeling during the national anthem to “protect” her. (New York Post)

Ted Sarandos’ response to Dave Chappelle’s reaction sparked plans for a trans employee walkout at Netflix. (AV Club)

A delicious interview with the stan of Timothée Chalamet who disclosed these Wonka photos during the weekend. (Vulture)

You may have known Lisa Hanawalt’s art from BoJack Cavalier, but did you know that she is also the author of several books? Rooooomie reviewed one of his first books, Hot dog taste test. “Even though you can’t directly relate to something she’s talking about, she makes you feel comfortable exploring your messier side, which we all should be doing a bit more of. “(Cannonball Read 13)

5 shows after dark: “Dopesick” Hulu Premiere, “The Sinner” Season Four Premiere USA |

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