Landon Collins ready to replace WFT linebacker despite not being happy about it – .

Landon Collins ready to replace WFT linebacker despite not being happy about it – .

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The Washington football team needs help with the linebacker and Landon Collins is ready to answer the call despite his long history of being safe instead.

But just because he’s ready to do it doesn’t mean he wants to play the job for very long.

“I’m a team player,” Collins said, via Peter Hailey of NBC Sports Washington. “Do I like to play there? I’m good at it. If I’m good, I’ll play there. If I need to be played there, cool. Other than that, do I like to play linebacker? No no. I don’t like hitting the big linemen, getting rid of the big linemen. I’m too small to be a linebacker. So yes, I don’t want to play there, but if need be, yes I will. I’m good at it. “

The football team is shorthanded in this position with Jon Bostic currently in the injured reserve. While the team may look to a combination of Kamren Curl, Deshazor Everett and Troy Apke to handle the safety points with Collins hit in the box, they are more vulnerable with their depth at linebacker.

Cole Holcomb and Jamin Davis remain in place as starters with David Mayo as a veteran option to fill the Bostic role, Khaleke Hudson and Jordan Kunaszyk’s depth is pretty green. They’ve only combined 69 total defensive snaps between them during their careers. So trying Collins as a linebacker is a gesture of necessity and not necessarily pure desire on Washington’s part.

Collins knows the team is at a stalemate right now and is ready to move forward for that reason. However, it’s clear that he still sees himself as a safety and that playing linebacker isn’t a purely natural transition.

“I made more safe plays than I ever did at the linebacker,” Collins said. “I know what to read, I know how to play it, I know where I can cheat, I know where to disguise it, I know how to make things work. “

Washington will face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.


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