Lakers’ Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard face off on the bench during game against Suns – .

Lakers’ Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard face off on the bench during game against Suns – .

The Los Angeles Lakers’ new look has had a rough start to the season. First, they lost to the Golden State Warriors on opening night after losing a double-digit lead. Next, Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard took to the bench in the second quarter of their clash with the Phoenix Suns on Friday.

At the end of the first half, as they were coming out of a timeout, Davis went to Howard to talk about something. As Howard stood up, Davis put his hands on Howard’s arm, which Howard didn’t like. The two then had a bit of a fight as their teammates tried to break things up. Howard at one point falls back onto the bench, although this seemed to be the result of an imbalance around the chairs more than anything.

The two continued to exchange words and were ultimately separated for good by assistant coach Phil Handy. During the halftime show on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon speculated that Howard must be at fault somehow because Davis doesn’t have a reputation as a lash out at his teammates like that. The exact cause of the dispute is still unclear, but Howard said after the game the two had settled things and there were no more issues.

Howard’s full commentary:

“We crushed him right away. We just had a disagreement over something that was on the ground. We are both very passionate about winning and we didn’t want to lose this game. We’re both very passionate, so we just eliminated it. We are grown men, things are happening. But we have already spoken, crushed it. There is no problem between me and him. He’s my brother, he’s my teammate. That’s what I told him. I said ‘I’ll always be there for you. Either way, I’m still fighting for you and will do whatever I can to help this team win. He said the same thing. We are good. We crushed it.

This incident will attract all kinds of attention, and for good reason since the Lakers and Davis and Howard are involved. But while it is obviously not Well having that kind of public feud in the second game of the season, that’s probably not a big deal either.

Like Howard said, it’s a very competitive environment and the guys argue all the time. If they hadn’t been right off the bench which is why Howard lost his balance and fell, it wouldn’t have looked so bad. In a few weeks, everyone will probably have forgotten that this even happened.


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