Labor Group Demands $ 500 Payments for Vaccinated Workers – .

Labor Group Demands $ 500 Payments for Vaccinated Workers – .

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – An umbrella group for some of the most powerful unions representing public employees in New York City, is demanding payments of $ 500 for workers who have already received the COVID vaccine. Currently, the city is offering $ 500 as an incentive to public employees who have not yet obtained the vaccine.
It precedes the Oct. 29 deadline for employees to be vaccinated or put on unpaid leave. Union officials say the incentive is unfair to workers who have already been vaccinated.

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“We are furious at the $ 500 the mayor is offering to unvaccinated employees. The municipal labor committee (of which the UFT is a member) has started the impact negotiation process with the New York labor relations office. The MLC and the constituent unions have applied that all vaccinated city employees should be paid $ 500, ”the United Teachers’ Federation said in a statement.

In a move that could cost the city a lot of money, the municipal labor committee is apparently now demanding that all union members receive the $ 500 incentive, even if they are already vaccinated. collective bargaining.


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