Kyrie Irving plays football amid anti-vaccine drama – .

Kyrie Irving plays football amid anti-vaccine drama – .

TMZ Sports got a video of the Brooklyn Nets superstar on Sunday during a football game with the guys at a high school in New Jersey … where he appeared to be playing wide receiver and running on roads, but not watching that particular piece. .

We are told they were playing 4v4 here… and it was actually a football field. So not really a grill per se, but at least we get to see it in public.

He’s been seemingly reclusive of late – took to IG Live to try to explain his vaccine status and rationale – as he remains at the center of the national media amid his stance of not getting the jab … and lose millions of dollars to be a “voice for the voiceless”.

Although we imagine his coaches and teammates won’t be very happy to see this – Kyrie hasn’t trained / played with the Nets for quite a while now, due to New York’s vaccination warrants – at least they can take comfort in the fact that he stays active and sort of fit (?) for if / when he cracks and decides to get back on the pitch at some point this season.

And then… maybe he never will. It looks like the Nets are ready to move forward without Kyrie for now – and they could very well trade him if he stays crouched like that.

In the meantime… maybe he can give it a try with an NFL team or something 😅.


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