Kylie Jenner Blackfishing | FR24 News France – .

Kylie Jenner Blackfishing | FR24 News France – .

“Rachel Dolezal can play Kylie Jenner in the biopic. “

In the video, the pregnant mother of one showed off her baby bump and looked at the camera, revealing her look for the day.

Kylie quickly faced backlash on Twitter, after people noticed her skin tone looked darker than her natural shade.

People have accused her of Blackfishing, which is a form of cultural appropriation, and Blackface, resulting from the willful wearing of makeup that is often many shades too dark. This is basically when a white person tries to apply makeup to appear black or combination.

how many times do we have to reiterate that Jenner girls are just WHITE. white mayo. not a bit of ethnic white. Kris and Caitlyn are die-hard gringos. Kylie’s black peach is even more glaring because she is as white as white can be.

Twitter : @sgbuggs

And a super-viral tweet referred to the controversy of former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson, which went viral last week after being accused of Blackfishing and defended by Nicki Minaj:

she just wouldn’t let Jesy Nelson take her place without mf FIGHT

Twitter : @YourDhad / Via Instagram: @kyliejenner

This isn’t the first time Kylie has faced this type of backlash. Last year, she was accused of black-fishing and attempting to copy Beyoncé’s look after posting these photos on Instagram:

Kylie hasn’t responded to the Blackfishing accusations, but we’ll keep you posted if she does.

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