“Keep Your Dirty Money” – .

“Keep Your Dirty Money” – .

After being bombarded by #FreeBritney fans pointing out Jamie Lynn Spears’ complicity in her sister’s guardianship, a nonprofit mental health organization told her she could go on and keep the money from her sales of books. They are good, thank you. (Jezebel)

Angelina Jolie and her kids serve up some upcycled looks at Eternals premiere in Los Angeles. (Lainey Gossip)

Kate Beckinsale ended up in hospital after injuring herself while putting on leggings. Does she need help next time? I am a blogger. My schedule is wide open. (Designated)

Now Brian Cox is diving on billionaire spaceships. Hell yeah. (Celebrity)

From Roxane: Is it real?

Apparently, Y: The last man was canceled not because of views, but because Hulu didn’t want to pay $ 3 million to expand distribution options, even though the first season was under budget. Alright… (THR)

And Roxane gets two ties today because, dammit, that lady has creepy balls to think an employee is out of place for wanting her damn paycheck. (Ask a manager)

Wait. Zachary Levi was almost Lex Luthor on Smallville? Wow. (Comic)

From James:

How do you stop a pack of zebras from roaming the DC suburbs? Bring another pack of zebras, maybe. – I think they’re stealing this one. (WUSA9)

Netflix is ​​going to be more transparent about its numbers now, guys. That should fix whatever is wrong there. (Deadline)

Quentin Tarantino’s next film will probably be Kill Bill 3. Yay? (Variety)

Jenna has a list of reasons she didn’t like Christopher Golden’s Ararat, but it made her think. “I’m going to be a little introspective here and say that the reason I’m so critical and barely constructive is that I think I see these issues in my own writing and that’s something I criticize myself for. What are your biggest pet peeves in the books? (Cannonball Read 13)

5 Shows After Dark: “Queens” ABC Premiere, “Only Murders in the Building” Season 1 Finale |

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