Katie Price Wants To Appear As ‘Luckiest Girl In The World’ With Carl Woods, Expert Says – .

Katie Price Wants To Appear As ‘Luckiest Girl In The World’ With Carl Woods, Expert Says – .

Katie Price and Carl Woods were seen walking hand in hand on Friday night as they visited Alec’s restaurant in Brentford, Essex for a romantic meal.

The engaged couple took time to be together after being separated as Katie received treatment at The Priory Rehabilitation Center.

The glamorous model sought help at the facility after pleading guilty to drunk driving, disqualified driving and driving without insurance following an accident near his home in Sussex, he three weeks ago.

And after pictures of Carl and Katie getting together on a date appeared, body language expert Judi James analyzed the icon and body language of her Love Island mate in order to decipher how Katie feels. back with her man.

Judi thinks that Katie’s huge smile that can be seen in the footage is her attempt to make it look like she “managed to bounce back from her recent dramas” and that she wants to look like she is. to be the “luckiest girl in the world” with Carl by her side.

The author also adds that she worries about what the bomb is “masking” because she never deviates from her “natural trait of delivering for cameras, no matter what” when considering everything. the mother of five has been going through the past few months. .

Katie Price and Carl Woods went out on Friday night



Judie told the Mirror: “This looks like another in a long series of trampoline appearances from Katie, who is looking around the world as if she has managed to bounce back from her recent dramas to pose for another set of photos. which make her look like the luckiest girl in the world as she clings to Carl’s hand as they enjoy their date. “

She continued, “This might just be another celebrity ‘paparazzi’ photo if it weren’t for the story behind it. “

Picking up the models’ radiant complexion, she added, “Katie looks healthy and happy and that bright smile is fully in place here, but how well does that obscure the surface considering all that? has she been through these past few months?

“Katie epitomizes the idea of ​​a ‘soldier’, the kind of performer who will bite her teeth and slap the kind of smile that suggests she’s leading her best life with her best guy, regardless of the evidence to the contrary.

“It doesn’t seem to be Katie’s nature to look fragile or unhappy in public, but that shouldn’t lead to assumptions about her inner emotions. “

The date came three weeks after she pleaded guilty to drunk driving, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance following an accident near her home in Sussex



The pair smiled in snaps captured on their night out



Looking at Katie’s smile and eyes in the snaps, Judi continued, “Seeing the cameras, Katie’s eyes are bright and her eye expression suggests excitement. Her bright smile seems confident and her arched back suggests the urge to provide a bit of glamor is still going strong. “

Analyzing Katie clinging to her partner, Judi added, “Her hand clasp with Carl suggests a hint of something more fragile though, while the placement of her hand suggests a degree of control and protection. Not only is his hand firmly on top in the clasp, but he is bent at the wrist to pull his hand and arm towards his chest.

“It’s clearly great to see Katie look a lot like her old self in terms of health, but we shouldn’t be making too many assumptions based on her natural trait to deliver for the cameras under any circumstance. “

Just a few weeks ago, Katie was involved in a single car collision that left her BMW overturned on its side on the B2135 near Partridge Green.

Katie’s sentencing was postponed to December 15 to allow her to seek treatment at the priory center and speak to the probation service.

She was told in court that her sentence would be postponed provided she was treated at the center of the priory, did not commit any more offenses, and was not allowed to drive in the meantime.

The reality TV star has been told that she must also engage with the probation service so that a report can be prepared.

After her recent arrest, Katie’s worried family expressed concerns about her mental well-being.

A statement issued said, “This post was written by Kate’s family.

“As a family, we’ve been concerned about Kate’s overall well-being and mental health for some time. Today our worst fears have almost come true. As a family, we have been and will continue to help Kate get the help she needs.

“We hope she realizes that she cannot tackle her problems on her own. We call on the media and the general public to give Kate the time and space she needs to seek the necessary treatment, so that she can hopefully return to the Kate we know. and love as a mother, daughter and sister.

Katie can be seen grabbing her beau’s hand



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“We are deeply concerned and worried about her, we know she is living her life publicly and for many she is fair game, but as a family we hope that she can privately find her way to go from there. ‘before during this very difficult period of his life.

“We’re not asking for sympathy – just that it be recognized that Kate is not doing well.

“We take great comfort in reading the messages of support and love for Kate that we will pass on to her, in the hope that these positive messages will help encourage her.

“It takes a lot of strength to recognize that you need help, we hope the door is now open for Kate to learn to love herself and be happy inside. Mental illness is not a personal failure. “

Katie’s recent stint in rehab was not the first time Katie had stayed at the facility as she enrolled in rehab in September 2018 in an effort to resolve her drug issues.

She spent 28 days in the facility after deciding to receive professional help after relying on cocaine to numb the pain of her problems.

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