K-pop’s Kang Daniel directs Disney + series under Asia-Pacific price list – deadline – .

K-pop’s Kang Daniel directs Disney + series under Asia-Pacific price list – deadline – .

Disney has raised the curtain on its list of Asia-Pacific movies and TV shows for its two-year streaming service. Among the rates planned for Disney +, there are Recruits, a romantic drama set in an elite police academy that stars K-pop sensation Kang Daniel, and Blackpink : le film, a documentary about the popular K-pop group linked to their fifth birthday.

These are part of more than 20 global, regional and local projects revealed today as destined for Disney + as a South Korean drama series. Squid game has become a global phenomenon. Check out the slate below.

New APAC projects include original productions of live-scripted series including drama, comedy, fantasy, romantic, sci-fi, crime and horror series, as well as variety shows, documentaries and cartoons sourced from markets such as Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Greater China and Australia. Subject to local availability, new titles of APAC content will be available on the streaming service over the next year, Disney said today.

Disney “combines the company’s global resources with top Asia-Pacific content creators to develop and produce original Disney + stories,” said Luke Kang, president of Disney Asia-Pacific. “With the spread of over-the-top services, the emergence of world-class content from Asia-Pacific and the increasing sophistication of consumers, we believe that now is the right time for us to deepen our collaboration. with the region’s top content creators to deliver unparalleled storytelling to global audiences.

Jessica Kam-Engle, Disney Content and Development Manager for APAC, added, unveiling the new content list: ““ Our production strategy is centered on working with the best local storytellers in the region, by leveraging our brand power, scale and dedication to creative excellence. . “

Disney + is available in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and will launch next month in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The new projects are part of Disney’s plan to give the green light to more than 50 APAC Originals by 2023.

Here are the main highlights from Disney’s APAC slate, with summaries provided by the company:

Blackpink : le film
The previously announced documentary about the chart-topping Korean pop group, in commemoration of their fifth anniversary, will be exclusively on Disney + and in theaters. Watch the trailer here:

Korean action-hero thriller series based on Kang Full’s webtoon about three teenagers discovering their unusual powers.

a romantic melodrama series starring Korean actor Jung Hae-in and Blackpink’s Jisoo. As told by the creators of the 2019 hit K-drama Heavenly castle.

The coming-of-age romantic series set in Korea’s elite police academy is the debut drama of K-pop idol Kang Daniel.

MORE from Tokyo (Mobile emergency room)
The TBS Collaboration is a medical drama starring Ryohei Suzuki and Kento Kaku.

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Automne
A Japanese reboot animation of Black ★ Rock Shooter, a character popular with fans around the world who spawned music, action figures, games and animation.

Daylight saving time rendering
A Japanese animation based on one of the best manga titles with a cumulative total of over 130 million pageviews on the Japanese manga web app Shonen Jump +.

Yojohan’s Time Machine Blues (working title)
The new Japanese animated series is the sequel to The Tatami Galaxy. It is the latest work of writer Tomihiko Morimi and the production studio Science SARU.

Twisted Wonderland
An animated series adaptation of the famous Disney mobile game by Aniplex.

Difficult Signal (Bad signal)
A comedy drama series adapted from the 2017 film follows a group of hotel workers running a posh resort hotel in West Java.

Produced by Scenario Bumilangit under the creative vision of director Joko Anwar, the property’s first series will launch soon.

Small and mighty
Self-discovery comedy drama features Chen Bo-Lin in its first Taiwanese drama since On time with you.

Destiny delicacies
The Chinese-era drama is veteran producer Yu Zheng’s latest attempt at the culinary romantic comedy, after History of Yanxi Palace.

Wreck hunters
Australia’s first documentary for Disney + focuses on the iconic mysteries of the shipwrecks across Western Australia’s vast coastline.


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