Judge rejects request to suspend vaccination warrant for Washington state employees – .

Judge rejects request to suspend vaccination warrant for Washington state employees – .

A federal judge has rejected a request to suspend Washington’s vaccine mandate for state employees before the Oct. 18 deadline.

Governor Inslee Stays Firm on Oct. 18 Vaccine Deadline for State Agents

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 105 state and city employees, including employees of the Seattle Fire Department, Bellingham Fire Department, Washington State Department of Transportation, State Department of Corrections, Washington State Patrol, etc.

He claimed that the state had carried out an “unconstitutional application” of the vaccination mandate by “categorically” refusing accommodations for religious and medical exemptions, which would have included the state offering temporary leave without pay until workers can “return to work vaccinated”.

He further alleged that the state mandate had resulted in the “disproportionate rejection of people of color from public service and health care”.

“Given the state’s own data, the governor and his subordinates acted with, at a minimum, reckless indifference and unresponsive to this reality,” the lawsuit reads.

Thousands gather for rally against anti-vaccine mandate in Olympia

The case was brought before US District Court Judge Barbara Rothstein, who “denied an attempt to stop Governor Inslee’s vaccination mandate,” according to Friday. to State Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

“We have successfully championed Governor Inslee’s vaccine policy that ensures a safe and healthy work environment for all employees in the state,” Ferguson said on Twitter. “We have successfully defended the governor’s orders against 42 legal challenges. Our office remains undefeated in these challenges to the governor’s public health measures. “

Governor Inslee’s office recently estimated that about 90% of state employees have submitted proof of vaccination. Those who are not vaccinated without functioning under selected union exceptions accepted by the state could be sacked early next week.


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