John Lewis responds to outrage over insurance ad featuring boy in robe and heels – .

John Lewis responds to outrage over insurance ad featuring boy in robe and heels – .

John Lewis has defended his latest insurance ad against accusations of “pushing the agenda”, following backlash on social media.
The department store said it believed in “kids having fun” and the ad featured a “young actor getting carried away with his dramatic performance”, not “deliberately damaging his house.”

The TV commercial, which first aired this week, showed a young boy in a dress, jewelry, heels and makeup dancing around the house to Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.”

As he plays, he leaves behind a messy trail by smearing paint on the wall and stairs, throwing glitter in the air, taking off his shoes to the lamps, dropping a picture frame from the wall and dragging it off. throwing an umbrella aside, causing a vase to fall on a shelf.

The ad quickly drew criticism, with some claiming it was “sexist” and described “men’s rights” because the boy was seen “destroying” the house while his mother and sister watched. .

One person wrote: “John Lewis’ ad of a young boy in the spotlight for trashing everything while his sister obediently sits down and paints in a corner is sexism encapsulated in 60 seconds.

Another said: ‘This is very revealing of John Lewis’ announcement that even when she presents gender ideology in as adorable a way as possible, it is still revealed to be narcissistic, destructive, aggressive, misogynistic. and think that women and girls exist to sit quietly and take anything. shit it pulls.

Others complained that the ad was “awakened” and vowed to remove their custom from the department store.

John lewis describe as a “playful scenario, adding,” He does not intentionally damage his home and is unaware of the unintended consequences of his actions.

“If customers have accidental damage coverage with our home insurance, it would cover a range of major and minor household disasters, including unintentional breakages caused by children in the family. “

Others hit back at those who complained about the ad, accusing them of being homophobic and willfully misinterpret the pub.

One person noted: “Wow, I see people are really unhappy with John Lewis’ commercial because … checks the notes … a little boy in a robe is having fun and doing mess and they equate that to the ruining ‘gay agenda’ the society. Go outside and touch the grass. Please. “

Another noted: “What exactly is the agenda other than buying John Lewis home insurance?” People say young children will find this, if they look at home insurance ads I have questions.


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