Joe Hart thanks Ange Postecoglou for believing in him and Celtic for bringing joy to football – .

Joe Hart thanks Ange Postecoglou for believing in him and Celtic for bringing joy to football – .

WHEN Joe Hart got the chance to sign for Celtic, he didn’t come to Glasgow looking for money, or even necessarily trophies in the first place. What he wanted most of all was to regain the joy that had slowly faded from the game for him during his final years in England.

Ange Postecoglou not only returned that to the 34-year-old, but he also gave him the respect he lacked and unwavering support for his goalkeeping abilities which he was struggling to find elsewhere.

The Celtic manager has been generously rewarded so far with Hart’s performance between the sticks and the leadership he has displayed on the pitch as well. For Hart, he always knew he had within him not only the form that made him England’s number one goalkeeper, but also the happiness that football had always brought to his life, and he is grateful to Postecoglou for giving him this opportunity.

“It’s the kind of place I wanted to come to when I had the chance,” Hart said.

“Angel is a pretty straightforward guy when it comes to the information he gives out.

“I’m going to be honest, and I said that when I got here, at that point football wasn’t doing everything it had done for me in my life. I don’t know where my thoughts were, because I’m very committed to what I’m doing.

“I told Ange when I spoke to him that I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about football at the time. He understood and he was very straightforward in what he said. He said to me: “If you come here you will be treated with a lot of respect and will get a lot of responsibility”. Angel also said: “No matter what, I believe in you as a goalkeeper”.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, you have to hear this. You need to know that someone trusts you.

“I felt it with him and he kind of let me do it, to be the person and the player that I am.

“I’ve been there for a long time, I’ve seen a lot. I was allowed to bring this to the team, as well as what I can do on the pitch.

“I have to be careful with my words. I didn’t necessarily fall in love with the game. I never liked football, and I doubt I will. But the industry, the business side… I didn’t like it.

“I am not the victim. I understand. I understand that football is ruthless and that there are a lot of people who have a lot of opinions. I fell on the wrong side of a lot of them.

“I wasn’t expecting anything when I signed. I like to live in the moment and try to take advantage of the experiences for what they are. I certainly do here.

“I realized for myself how special a club it is. I like to be part of Celtic.

Considering how Hart’s career unfolded in the few years leading up to his arrival at Celtic Park, he understands if the perception from the outside was that he was happy to end his career in a back-up role, as many other goaltenders on the wrong side of 30 seem comfortable doing.

Even as he warmed up the bench at Burnley and Tottenham Hotspur in recent seasons, his desire was still to push to be number one again, and he believes he can do that for many years to come.

“I wouldn’t even consider relaxing, I don’t know why I would,” he said.

“I don’t see an end to my football career. I’m very capable physically, very capable mentally, and I feel like I’m more than good enough to play at this level.

“Even at Spurs, with the uninformed eye that I was going to play the back-up, but that’s not why I went.

“I went there for different reasons with different conversations to make up my mind so no is the simple answer to that. “

Indeed, Hart adds new strings to his bow at Celtic, claiming he thrives on the responsibility of using his feet more in the Postecoglou system.

“It’s a lot of fun, I enjoyed it,” he said.

“I’ve always felt capable of doing it, and with the right system and the right movement, it’s something that I enjoy. “

Not that he didn’t have a scare or two along the way. The keeper certainly had the hearts of Celtic fans in his mouth as he attempted something from a Cruyff turn in his six-yard box in the recent victory over Motherwell at Fir Park.

Luckily for Hart, he succeeded under pressure from winger Kayne Woolery, although he revealed there wasn’t really a big plan when asked what was on his mind at this. moment.

” Nothing! ” he’s laughing. “I’ve had a few of these moments throughout my career and none of them are planned.

“I was trying to keep the ball as long as possible to create space, I looked away the ball and the next minute I passed it to Boli (Bolingoli). I lost my mind a bit!

“Ideally, I don’t want to start over, but if you have to, I guess you have to. “


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