Jeffrey M’ba discusses the long road to juco and proposes – .

Jeffrey M’ba discusses the long road to juco and proposes – .

Unique four stars Jeffrey M’ba has a healthy choice of college options, which is the path he was on three years ago as a high school rookie until circumstances and bad luck stood in his way.

The defensive tackle is now at Independence (Kan.) Community College, and his junior college movie started circulating last month, four-year programs started offering scholarships. A few of the same programs that extended the offerings when he had to enroll in Baltimore St. Frances, only to make a detour to a private school in North Carolina before landing in Oakdale (Conn.) St Thomas More.

In the past month, West Virginia, Arizona State, Houston, Minnesota, North Carolina State, Mississippi State, USC, Nebraska, Florida Atlantic and Miami have each offered a M’ba scholarship. Morgan State, UMass, Jackson State, Western Kentucky and Kansas State, where he visited at the end of July, have also been offering since the end of the summer.

“Everyone’s trying to show me around,” said the 6-foot-6, 305-pound M’ba. “It’s kinda crazy. I want to make some official visits. “

What the colleges are seeing now is the potential they saw in him three years ago, even before he arrived in the United States after playing for the France Aquitaine Football Pole in France, but his recruitment and development was derailed by circumstances, timing and bad luck.

Within weeks, plans to transfer his school to France to enroll in two high schools collapsed due to paperwork and visa issues before landing in Oakdale (Conn.) St. Thomas More .

He had committed to Virginia and was considered a four-star prospect in the 2019 class, but transcription issues forced him to move to the 2020 class and disengage. These same issues kept him from enrolling in the 2020 class and he returned home to Congo to sort out the issues.

A coach in France helped M’ba get to Independence (Kan.) Community College, but his season last fall was derailed by covid. He’s been playing a bit in the spring, but his playing and recruiting has taken off in the Pirates’ first six games this season.

“When I first got here I got so many kicks in the butt,” he said before adding a chuckle. “I hadn’t played for a year, so I came here and played against (really good) guys and it was really tough.

“Now I feel better. My coaches believe in me and they said I will get scholarships and be a very good player. “

M’ba has 17 tackles and two sacks, and more and more schools are taking notice.

His latest offer came from West Virginia on Monday, and Michigan continues to keep in touch with him.

When he first came to the United States, he received offers from Maryland, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Michigan State and Michigan,

“My situation here is very different from when I was in high school,” M’ba said. “When I was in high school, they proposed to me because of the player that I will be, and not because of the player that I was. Now I am getting more offers for the player than I am right now. “

It has been a crazy, and at times extremely frustrating, journey for M’ba, but her outlook has always been bright.

“I had to keep trying because what else was I going to do?” he said. “I want to play football so that’s what I have to do. “

He has an official visit scheduled for this weekend, a trip to Miami to watch the Hurricanes play against NC State. He is also looking at others and said Michigan and USC were among his options because of his ties to both schools.

When M’ba enlisted in Virginia, the defensive line coach was Vic So’oto, who is now at USC. He was due to register at Baltimore St. Frances in 2018 when Biff Poggi was the coach. Poggi is now in Michigan. M’ba also watched Michigan train in the spring when they were in Paris a few years ago.

“I know Michigan a little bit because they recruited (St. Frances) and also Coach Poggi,” M’ba said. “He’s over there now, so that’s one of the reasons I want to go visit him.”

“Coach So’oto, I’ve known him since he was in Virginia and I liked him so I want to go see him. “

M’ba plans to make his college decision in December.


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