Jeff Bezos’ Squid Game Congratulatory Tweet – Deadline – .

Jeff Bezos’ Squid Game Congratulatory Tweet – Deadline – .

Netflix’s Korean Drama Squid game is taking the world by storm, topping the charts for streamers in more than 90 countries, on its way to becoming possibly Netflix’s most-watched program, a first for a non-English-speaking series. This landmark success caught the attention of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who praised Netflix for making their ” internationalization strategy ”, describing the feat as“ impressive and inspiring ”.

Saturday’s tweet rocked the internet, with reactions ranging from Bezos’ comparison to Squid game The VIP villains, speculating on an Amazon acquisition of Netflix, until they wonder what Bezos’ praise for Netflix’s international content strategy means about the one employed by Amazon Studios.

Netflix, Amazon Studios, and Apple TV + have all been aggressive in expanding to local-language originals, recently joined by other streamers going global, including Disney +. Netflix and Amazon faced off in India, which is seen as a major growth opportunity given its size, and Amazon Studios won over Netflix in Latin America.

The Squid game ‘This success crowns a concerted effort as Netflix actively ramps up Korean production. This paid off as the number of US viewers of streamer K-Dramas jumped more than 200% between 2019 and 2021, peaking in the Squid game breakthrough.

Although it doesn’t have a Korean content pipeline, in Asia Amazon Studios has been strong in Japan, with a local format. The last one who laughs as its most successful Local Original franchise, which has launched or received the green light in ten regions to date, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Spain. (In the United States, the company has had the most success with Indian titles.)

Amazon Studios has also invested in global drama formats, like the Russo Brothers. Citadelle, which was designed to incorporate local ramifications.

Nonetheless, Netflix had a head start and is starting to reap the rewards of implementing a global content strategy early and in more markets with more resources than any of its competitors. The streamer has had success with shows like Elite, money theft as good as Lupin, which earlier this year became the first French-language series to reach number 1 in the United States

After leaving the experts scratching their heads for 20 hours, Bezos, who had previously professed his love for HBO Game of Thrones et Netflix Strange things, returned to Twitter on Sunday to crush the crazy theories about the meaning of his Squid game comment. Netflix and Amazon are both expected to report profits next month.


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