Jan.6 committee postpones request for certain Trump White House files – .

Jan.6 committee postpones request for certain Trump White House files – .

While the exact nature of these documents remains unclear, the committee’s decision to “postpone” the request following discussions with President Joe Biden’s White House suggests that the committee may reduce the number of documents it is pursuing due to of a potentially long legal battle that Trump has already launched over executive privilege.

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Trump has previously sought to assert privilege over more than 40 documents held by the Archives and has gone on to try to prevent the House from accessing them. Since then, the National Archives has processed a second and a third batch of documents from the Trump presidency. Trump has also opposed the release of many of these documents.

The White House Biden said earlier this month that it would not intervene so far to block access to any of the files. The National Archives also previously found the documents to be relevant to the committee’s investigation.

The committee specifies that it has not entirely withdrawn its request and that it could request the files at a later date.

“The select committee agreed to postpone action on certain files as part of the accommodation process. The select committee has not withdrawn its request for these cases and will continue to engage with the executive branch to ensure that we have access to all information relevant to our investigation, ”the spokesperson told CNN on Wednesday. from the committee, Tim Mulvey.

The postponement was first reported by Politico. It was also mentioned in an October 25 letter to the National Archives and Records Administration in the White House Council Office.


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