James Bond can’t beat Venom on box office records – .

James Bond can’t beat Venom on box office records – .

No time to die

No time to die
photo: MGM

The slow and breathtaking resuscitation box office faces a new test this weekend, as worried studio viewers watched to see: Would James Bond be able to beat Venom, As all our fan fictions predict? Or would the big goopy astronaut win?

The COVID-19 pandemic made these kind of pretty heavy predictions – no one expected it Shang-Chi burst up like he did, for example– and so there was a lot of curiosity as to whether Daniel Craig’s latest Bond film, No time to die, could also surpass expectations during its opening weekend. (A the increase in presales suggested that this was a possibility.)

But hope the movie could beat Venom: let there be carnage for older children (excluding holidays) The opening of the United States of 2021 has now been officially dotted, like THR reports that, rather than a huge sparkle, NTTD is likely to pass as simply “pandemic good”.

Translation: The same $ 60million opening weekend that MGM has been waiting for some time now, letting it fall well behind Venom$ 90 million opening last week. Factors affecting this “No, really, it’s okay,”Include the fact that Bond lasts 163 minutes, which to cuts on the possible schedules, as well as the fact that Bond films and superheroes blockbusters don’t necessarily share the same thing demographics, by age.

That is, the target audience for Bond films, including No time, tend to skew those 45 and over, which is the same groups much less likely to risk a trip to the theater to watch all the fancy costumes, fancy cars, and Big Bangs as Cary’s movie. Fukunaga appears on the screen.

(Historically, at least the Bond films do well, attention; wHealth Fall from the sky is the only installment to cross the legendary $ 1 billion point – a number again made largely hypothetical by the COVID-19 pandemic – none of Craig’s films fell below $ 500 million, keeping them firmly out of the “flop” territory.)

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Yet, however: Bond’s audience skews older audiences, older audiences skew ‘There is a pandemic going on’, and therefore some of these estimates of No time to diethe potential opening of has definitely moved away from itself. (Deadline Remarks that the craziest claim was made by CNBC, who predicted that the film would bring $ 100 million at the domestic box office this weekend, which even MGM seemed to find patently ridiculous.)

AAll these calculations relate only to the general state of health of the national box office, to be clear; the international results of the film, through Mojo ticket office, look much sunnier. Sstrong projections in Germany and the UK (and the fact that it’s already been out for a week there) have already done Suite profitable that Venom, in fact, with No time to die runningseated there at $ 144.5 million worldwide.

Which is a decent little pile of money, you know, considering. (Still far less than the film’s $ 250 million budget, but that was always going to be a problem for a movie set in a pre-pandemic blockbuster mentality, but released in the midst of the pandemic.) Anyone who hopes that Bond would be the savior of the American box office will be disappointed, however; even 007 can’t save that particular still – most of the time –sunken ship.


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